From promotional advertisement for the George Stevens production of the film “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” The Stevens Company type of.

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SAY IT WITH AWE. There’s a legfinish that once John Wayne was asked to say his line, “Truly, this male was the Son of God,” that director George Stevens told him to say it via awe. So in the rehearsal for the 1965 film “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” he included his distinctive style of awe. From promotional advertisement for the George Stevens manufacturing of the film “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” The Stevens Company.

DID THE SOLDIER AT THE CROSS really say Jesus was the magnificent Son of God?

I remember watching actor John Wayne in a cameo performance for “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” the 1965 film around the life of Jesus. Mr. Wayne, recognized as the Battle Each Other, played the component of a Romale centurion in charge of the crucifixion detail.

He ceded this line:

“Truly, this man was the Son of God.”

There’s a legfinish, which sounds like it could be true, that in rehearsal the Battle Each Other yielded the line a bit also flatly for the director. So the director sassist, “Not choose that. Say it with awe.”

The Fight It Out delivered the line again:

“Aw, truly this male was the son of God.”

3 different Gospels, 2 different quotes

In paraphrasing the Holy bible for the Casual English Bible, it’s hard to miss the reality that the various Gospel writers telling the stories of Jesus report many type of details differently.

I’m functioning right currently in the Gospel of Mark, which many Bible professionals seem to think was the first of the four Gospels preserved in composing. Matthew, Luke, and John all seemed to come later.

Matthew and also Luke seem to pull many their material from Mark. Or perhaps Mark from among them, if Matthew or Luke came initially. Somebody is apparently copying off the various other. Not that this is cheating or illegit. Someone appears to be utilizing someone else’s job-related as reference product, a lot prefer I use commentaries to aid create publications around the Bible.

Here’s how the Gospel authors quoted the centurion in charge of the crucifixion. Instead of using my paraexpression, the Casual English Bible, I’ll let you see a much more literal version. It’s from the Holy bible translation that many type of scholars favor, the New Amerideserve to Standard Version.

“Truly this man was the Son of God!” (Matthew 17:54).

“Truly this man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39).

“Undoubtedly this male was innocent” (Luke 23:47; a footnote says “innocent” might additionally intend “righteous”).

The Gospel of John doesn’t mention the soldier.

That’s odd, if the soldier really said Jesus was the Son of God and also if this Gospel was composed by John, who many type of Bible specialists say was the just disciple through the courage to stand also at the Cross next to Mary the mommy of Jesus.

Here’s why it would certainly be odd. The Gospel of John is the one ideal well-known for trying to prove that Jesus is the magnificent Son of God. John made that clear sufficient in his mission statement:

“Jesus did many kind of other miracles… These are created so that you may think that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (John 20:30-31 NCV).

Somepoint around the way Jesus passed away impressed the centurion.

Maybe it was the combination result of the sky turning babsence, the ground shaking in an earthquake, and Jesus foroffering his executioners that beat him, nailed him to throughout, taunted him, and also then gambled for his apparel.

Maybe the centurion really did think that Jesus was the divine Son of God, as Christians now do.

Or perhaps his theology wasn’t that emerged. Maybe when he spoke about the “Son of God” he expected the “boy of God.” Not the divine son of God. But a child of God—a righteous heart that served God.

I don’t think that’s how a lot of Christians would certainly understand also the soldier. But from what I have the right to tell, the majority of Holy bible professionals read it that means.

If the centurion believed of Jesus as divine, it’s likewise possible he was reasoning of Jesus in the exact same method many type of Romans said they believed about Caesar. They referred to as him a god and they described him in writing as the “son of God.”

Whatever before the centurion believed of Jesus, the soldier was impressed.

If he believed of Jesus as anything less than the magnificent Son of God, perhaps we shouldn’t think of that as diminishing Jesus or the Bible.

Instead, possibly we need to identify that the soldier had little contact through Jesus and also limited understanding into that he was.

Regardless of what the soldier thought, we understand what we think.

We say it out loud.

And we say it through awe.

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Steve Grisetti says

April 10, 2018 at 7:35 am

Mike Parker says

April 10, 2018 at 9:50 am

Stephen M. Miller says

April 10, 2018 at 10:24 am

Hi Mike. No, I haven’t watched the movie.

I carry out check out that it is getting great reviews. It’s gaining a 70% on rottentomatoes.com. And I see that 94% of the human being who said they witnessed it shelp they preferred it.

That’s not negative for a faith-based movie. Christians have actually been struggling to make engaging and entertaining movies. They tfinish to like to work a sermon in tbelow somewright here.

When they figure out that you can gain your message across without preaching a sermon, they will be making a huge leap forward in connecting through world external the belief.

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Mike Parker says

April 11, 2018 at 12:58 pm

George Stuart says

April 10, 2018 at 11:09 am

Maybe the Romale solder was Jewish and kbrand-new complete well what Jesus was intend to be. Just possibly yet I say that via no evidence what so ever.