C 22: Truth or Justice

The initially major mission marker is simply a marker on the roadway for either Sabal or Amita at map works with X: 540; Y: 707. You"ll be increated by whichever before co-leader you are following that the Golden Path is operating out of the village of Utkarsh. He or she desires you to make your method there. Utkarsh is located to the north at map works with X: 493; Y: 756.

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The north sector regulars are tougher than their southern sector counterparts and also they are much better armed. An arrow to the body, for example, isn"t typically fatal. The roadways are also greatly patrolled and the terrain, if anypoint, is more torturous than the southerly terrain. Your campaign in the north-both travelling and also combat-have the right to be less arduous if you capture outposts. If you control to hijack every one of the south and north sector Bell Towers, you can purchase the signature buzzsaw LMG. This is a beastern of a weapon and I highly recommend obtaining it as quickly as possible. This isn"t a tall order.

Get to the structure at the marker in Uktarsh and uncover the rebels. Pagan Min and also his troops are tright here and also he is confronting a pair whom he believes are rebel sympathizers. You will certainly be in the cellar watching and listening. He has them eliminated in the time of a cutscene and you are helpless to intervene.

After the murders, try to stop a firefight as you obtain as easily as feasible to the buzzer at the marker. Lift off and chase Pagan"s auto. If you have the M-79 grenade launcher you have to have the ability to effectively tarobtain him as his vehicle negotiates the winding hill roadways.

If you fail to take him out on the road, you"ll have to attack him in a small negotiation wbelow he will certainly be protected by a fifty percent dozen bodyguards. Gun him down after eliminating them.

Afterward, Pagan Min himself will certainly contact. Rumors of his fatality are premature. The perkid you killed was just a body double.

Potent new weapons will certainly be unlocked, including the BZ19 SMG, the Vector .45 SMG, the SPAS-12 shotgun, the GL-A87 grenade launcher among others if you haven"t unlocked them by climbing towers or confiscating them from your victims. Utkarsh is currently a fast travel terminal and has a vendor inside its safe residence.

Utkarsh Optional Missions

Hunting Control (4) is comprehensive in A 12: Hunting Control.

Hunting Supplies (4) is in-depth in A 13: Hunting Supplies.

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The next Golden Path mission marker is much to the east at map collaborates X: 579; Y: 804.