Is Truth in the Eyes of the Beholder?

How unorthodox Is Trump's partnership to truth?

Posted May 23, 2017


This article won’t go into Trump’s latest verbal inconsistencies regarding why he fired FBI director James Comey. Nor whether he mutual very classified product via top-ranking Russian officials at the White Housage. Nor will certainly it talk about Comey’s incriminating memos on his maybe attempting to obstruct the examination of his campaign’s feasible collusion through Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

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Rather, this item will focus on Trump’s unnormally fluid conception of reality. His erratic and also ever-changing presentation of his, and also others’, words and deeds deserve to be no less than dumbfounding. And rather troubling too. Unpredictability—not to cite, impulsiveness and also emotional reactivity—in one who, potentially, can steer us far off course with both our allies and adversaries isn’t anything especially conducive to our feeling even more safe and also secure in a world so complete of hostility and violence.

Tbelow are some pundits that case that if Trump sincerely believes his verifiable untruths, it"s really not fair to contact him a liar. But to give credence to the questionable statements he regularly provides risks downgrading any kind of coherently logical—or psychological—analysis of his utterances. As so many authors have stressed: "Words have actually results."

So, to characterize Trump’s devious rhetoric as in some method “innocent” appears an virtually desperate attempt to justify his regularly overblvery own fabrications—such as Obama’s “wiretapping” him. By definition, a willful distortion of empirical fact constitutes an act of deceit. And whether the perboy involved has actually regulated to convince himself that such chicanery is truthful hardly gets him off the honest hook.

Consider this cover story by Michael Scherer in Time, entitled “Can Trump Handle the Truth?”:

Often Trump’s untruths provide every sign of being deliberate and also thought-through. . . . Through it all, he has actually presented himself as the last hocolony male, and also among his fervent supporters, he hits notes that harmonize with the facts of their stays as they deeply feel them. To beat a polygraph, it’s said you must make some component of your brain think what you are saying. Friends of Trump report that the President would pass with flying colors. (April 3, 2017)

In the realm of belief, reality may be relative, dependent on individual endure and interpretation. But as soon as it involves facts—observable, provable facts—it’s objective and totally sepaprice from personal ideological background. When we look at just how many type of human being attfinished Trump’s inauguration vs. just how many marched in protest the day following, this discrepancy becomes noticeable. Unmuch less they’re tampered with, aerial photographs don’t lie, simply as Trump cannot legitimately characterize as “fake news” reporters’ directly quoting the words he’s employed in one of his attacking or self-vindicating tweets.

The general public (and also definitely not the media!) shouldn’t be providing a cost-free pass to anyone when they say something that can’t withstand also scrutiny. It’s not good reporting to minimize or dismiss Trump’s exaggerations and also distortions as just showing an absolutist, hyperbolic style: a curious quirk or anomaly that we have to ssuggest “adjust” to.

To normalize what, as a psychologist, I deserve to only regard as proof of a far-ranging personality disturbance is to disregard the opportunity that his words—bereason they’re so often ambiguous or misleading—may, straight or instraight, put our nation at risk, both from within and without. And deserve to we really expect leaders from other nations, so many of whom uncover Trump’s glib declarations extremely concerning, not to conclude that they’d much better take every little thing he states seriously, also though they’re confused or dismayed regarding what he can actually mean—or do?

Again, it hardly matters whether Trump resolutely “feels” the reality of what (lacking supporting evidence) he so authoritatively affirms. Repeatedly, Trump has actually recognized that in making decisions he counts mostly on gut instinct. And he assesses this instinct as not only dependable and also predictive however as, in truth, “truthful”—clearly implying that actual facts deserve to comfortably be disconcerned, viewed as fraudulent, or judged to be of only tertiary prominence.

Perhaps the ultimate question below is whether Trump’s behavior warrants his being appelevated as self-delusional. If someone sincecount believes they view a pink elephant—or shows up to feel stridently assaulted by someone simply asking around their intentions or introducing an opposing viewpoint—can that person really can’t be viewed as rational, prescient or visionary? Rather, they"d most likely be regarded as arbitrarily projecting onto the external people an different reality distinctive to themselves. (Compare Kellyanne Conway’s facile avowal of “different facts,” clearly recognizable as contrary to perceptible, discernible facts.)

Just on the basis of the President’s public persona, which—from all that I’ve watched and also review from those who’ve known him personally—doesn’t much vary from his even more exclusive presentation and also past deeds, Trump display screens multiple indicators of a seriously dysfunctional personality. Without attributing to him any type of formal psychiatric diagnosis, he nonetheless appears to exhilittle classical symptoms of both excessive narcissism and sociopathy. Regardless of his boasting in many of his speeches and interviews that he’s endowed through a “extremely significant heart," an excellent deal of historical evidence argues otherwise—from the wide-ranging selectronic camera that was “Trump University,” to the taped bus conversation in which he dismissed his insensitive, misogynistic leanings as sindicate “locker room talk,” to assorted instances of bigotry and also racism. In his 70 years, he’s amply depicted a perboy who:

is arrogant and feels his actions merit, or are entitbrought about, special, “privileged” consideration (as in, financial conflicts of interests reevaluated as lawful and legitimate)is decidedly lacking in introspection and also self-understanding, and typically unable to accept even constructive criticismis rigidly self-righteous and also defensive;is manipulative, exploitive, and deceitful;has actually demonstrated a markedly restricted capacity to emotionally identify—or empathize—via others’ pain

Obviously, provided this not extremely flattering characterization, Trump isn"t a man that could be said to have actually long devoted himself to the welfare of others, or that has richly earned our trust. For the trajectory of his life says just how a lot he’s been moved by substantial egoistic requirements. Finally, he may not be about “making American excellent again,” but around amassing as much riches, power, admiration, and esteem as his currently lofty station could afford him. Consequently, regardmuch less of how firmly Trump may think in himself, it would certainly be dangerous to uncritically put our belief in him.

It renders no difference that Trump appears utterly convinced of his vital honesty, or individual integrity. For his numerous untruths (e.g., as reported by,, and also disclose the falsity of so a lot of what he’s professed. Consider his impassioned campaign pledge that, as a populist, he’d work tirelessly for the people—and exactly how that promise “aligns” via both his cabinet choices and executive orders so strongly favoring corporations and also the affluent elite.

To quote the Los Angeles Times:

The new president routinely muddies the waters of truth and fiction. It’s challenging to understand whether he actually can’t differentiate the genuine from the unactual, or whether he intentionally conflates the 2 to befuddle voters, deflect criticism and also threaten the very idea of objective fact. Whatever before the explanation, he is encouraging Americans to disapprove facts, to disrespect science, papers, nonpartisanship and also the mainstream media and instead to ssuggest take positions on the basis of belief and preconceived notions. This is a recipe for a divided country in which differences grow deeper and rational deteriorate becomes difficult. (“Our Dishocolony President,” The Times Editorial Board, Apr 2, 2017)

In this light, it could be sassist that Trump may not be able to grasp that he"s currently betrayed so many type of numerous world that voted for him. Yet, ultimately, all that matters is that he has actually . . . and proceeds to do so.

My previous PT articles on Trump encompass “Trump: How Dark Is His Dark Side?", Donald Trump: Is He as Unpredictable as He Seems?”, and (in 4 parts) "Outrage and also Outrageousness: The Secret to Trump"s Popularity”—another version of which was publimelted in The Journal of Psychohistory (Summer 2016, 44, 1, 73-84).

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Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D.

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