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1with object Take, hold, or deploy (something) as a method of accomplishing a objective or achieving a result; employ.

‘the poem uses simple language’‘Write a poem utilizing crucial words in the story and also review it out to others.’‘This is accomplished by using a layer of coloured glass in the inside and etching over the external frosted surface.’‘As an employer that uses the English language as a key tool, it is somewhat irritating to need to offer fundamental lessons in English grammar to school leavers.’‘The association has actually employed a gardener who uses water from the park"s borewell.’‘While each robot uses different modern technology to employ similar ends, all are maintenance cost-free.’‘Brown functions via a tiny brush and also uses it to achieve minute detail in the manner of Salvador Dali.’‘Undoubtedly, this train will attain its journey utilizing satellite navigation modern technology.’‘It is mostly achieved by using message in the exact same shade as the background shade of the web page.’‘Elegantly curved walls have the right to be achieved making use of wedge shaped blocks via an internal curve.’‘They would certainly fly a few feet over the drop zone and also then deploy the cargo making use of a little drogue parachute.’‘This means, quality and output quantity have the right to still be completed using hands-on techniques.’‘In that respect, we have actually come from a society that has never had to use the regulation to achieve integrity.’‘How might it use financial incentives to attain this cut, and what could be the outcomes?’‘Although the same males are employed using the very same tools, the organization is various.’‘In reviewing previous research study, the present paper offers the terms employed by the original authors.’‘The innovation employed supplies a wireless netoccupational via the signal hopping from structure to building.’‘He had actually only a minimal knowledge of my language apparently and also so we would certainly need to use easy terms.’‘Limiting the grass intake have the right to be achieved by using a grazing mask or muzzle or by restricting the location obtainable for grazing.’‘He said tright here was no justification in utilizing the land also for employment as it would certainly ssuggest replace tasks in the city centre.’‘I was able to sneak ameans for a small while to watch a team of males assembling an ox-plow and yoke using easy hand devices.’

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utilize, manipulate, avail oneself of, employ, work, operate, wield, ply, use, manoeuvre, manipulate, put to usage, put into business, find a use for, rekind to