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Verizon USB Type-C Wall Charger

by Verizon

Benchnote Ranking
QC 3.0

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Interface Capabilities: (Click symbol or tag for recommfinished products by interface)

Quick Charge 3.0
24W (12V
2A) Out
24W (9V
2.7A) Out
24W (8V
3A) Out
21W (7V
3A) Out
15W (5V
3A) Out
USB PD 2.0
2.97A OCP Thresorganize (9V)
3.37A OCP Threshold (7V)
87.9 Power Efficiency Percentage (12V 2A)
87 Power Efficiency Percentage (8V 3A)
82.9 Power Efficiency Percentage (5V 3A)
.37W Standby Power (5V)
85.6 Power Efficiency Percentage (7V 3A)
87.6 Power Efficiency Percentage (9V 2.66A)
3.37A OCP Threshold (5V)
3.36A OCP Thresorganize (8V)
3.37A OCP Thresorganize (12V)
USB 2.0
Cable Assemblies & Connectors, USB
Source, USB PD
Source, Fast Charge

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Cell Phone

Verizon’s USB Type-C Wall surface Charger with Rapid Charge Technology Uses USB Power Deliexceptionally and Qualcomm Fast Charge


In enhancement to the 15 Watts TurboPower charger that comes through theMoto Z Droid, theVerizon likewise sells the Verizon Vehicle Charger with Fast Charge TechnologyandUSB Type-C Wall surface Charger via Rapid Charge Technologyto obtain even more wattage and also much faster charging.

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We purchased the VerizonUSB Type-C Wall surface Charger through Rapid Charge Technologyat the Verizon Store in Dublin, California.


At the Verizon Store, the Moto Z Droidpromotion was in full pressure complete through a demo showcase of the Moto Mods that you can connect to yourMoto Z Droidconsisting of projector, speaker, etc.


TheVerizonUSB Type-C Wall Charger via Fast Charge Technologybox sindicate includes the charger itself, and also a USB Type-C to Type-C cable to attach between the charger and whatever before gadget you are charging.




TheVerizonUSB Type-C Wall Charger through Quick Charge Technologysupports5 volts
3 amps (15watts), 7 volts
3 amps (21watts), 8 volts
3 amps (24 watts), 9 volts
2.7 amps (24 watts), and 12 volts
2 amps (24 watts) power profiles making use of USB Power Deliexceptionally.

It also supports 5 volts
3 amps (15 watts), 9 volts
2.7 amps (24 watts), and 12 volts
2 amps (24 watts) utilizing Qualcomm Quick Charge. Keep in mind that the USB specs don't allow for a USB Type-C device to support both USB Power Delivery and also an alternative protocol such as Qualcomm Rapid Charge also though tbelow are several commodities like this already in the market.






The front of theVerizonUSB Type-C Wall surface Charger through Quick Charge Technologyglows Verizonred once charging another gadget.





To see how theVerizonUSB Type-C Wall surface Charger through Quick Charge Technology's power profile looks prefer, we usedtheUSB Power Test App from Granite River Labsthrough theGranite River Labs USB Power Deliincredibly Compliance C2 Testerto geneprice the complying with test results.

TheUSB Power Test Appinitially negotiates a power contract for eincredibly PDO supported by the Verizon charger, and also increases the fill slowly to discover the threshold where over present protection (OCP) kicks in and voltage and also existing startto drop for safety reasons.


TheUSB Power Test Appreports out all thePDO's supportedby the Verizon charger and also their OCP thresholds.OCP thresholdsfor the chargerare set at around 11-68% above the maximum current levels for the solved PDO's.



PDO#1 Fixed: 5V 3A3.37
PDO#2 Fixed: 7V 3A3.37
PDO#3 Fixed: 8V 3A3.36
PDO#4 Fixed: 9V 2.66A2.97
PDO#5 Fixed: 12V 2A3.37

TheUSB Power Test App from Granite River Labslikewise producesan I-V curve which graphically mirrors the relationship between voltage and also existing for each PDO. Except for the 1st PDO, we have the right to observe current fold-backhabits for the otherPDO's wright here as the present rises beyond the OCP thresorganize, the voltage starts to benddown fairly than instantly shutting off.The 5th PDOdisplaysa much more dramatic fold-earlier actions compared to the other PDO's. In comparison the 1st PDO shows the voltage instantly shuts off whencrossing theOCP threshold.

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TheUSB Power Test Appcan additionally use theGranite River Labs USB Power Deliextremely Compliance C2 Testerintegrated with the GW InstekAPS-7100 programmable AC power supply to compare the charger's power output vs power input so that power efficiency can be measured and compared to regulatory limits from United Statesof Energy (DOE) Level VIor European Union's CoC Tier 2 demands.We deserve to repeat the power performance tests for different PDO's, existing pack conditions, and also various AC input varieties, enabling us to get a complete image of power performance arrays throughout all different intake scenarios.