I’m going to tell you the practically unspeakable story of The Guy on the Greyhound Bus. It’s not to shock you with gory details, though there’s enough to go roughly. It’s really about victim and family members rights as opposed to the killer’s. It’s also around what’s wrong with a damaged criminal justice (legal) system and also the stselection civilization of forensic psychiatry. And it’s about proper public protection.

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This gruesome murder taken place on a bus loaded via 38 passengers. It was July 30, 2008. The Guy On The Greyhound Bus was Vince Weiguang Li, a 40-year-old Chinese immigrant to Canada that left Edmonton, Alberta eastbound for Winnipeg in the District of Manitoba. The innocent and also unsuspecting victim was Tim McLean, 22, a carnival worker heading house for a break. Around 8:30 pm, Greyhound 1170 was an hour west of Winnipeg on the TransCanada Highmethod. That’s once hellish horror occurred.

Woguys shrieked. Men puked. Little children cried as teenagers tried capturing it on phones. Then Li, expressionless behind sunglasses, came for the door—presenting Tim’s decapitated head. Presence of mind from the driver prevented Li’s escape into the crowd. He blocked the door however police were miles ameans. A passing trucker gave males in the team devices as tools in instance the psycho gained out.

Li paraded Tim’s lifemuch less head—earlier and forth—up and also down—along the parked Greyhound’s aisle. Then he went earlier to work. Li opened Tim’s chest and also tore at his organs. He removed Tim’s heart, lungs and liver then ripped out entrails. Eextremely piece of Tim’s body was defiled and strewn around the bus. But it got even worse.

The crime scene was processed and witnesses were isolated. They took Li to a secure hospital. He’d additionally been injured in his attack—traditional police procedure also for as bizarre a crime as this. But the aftermath was awful.

Bus passengers were sevedepend traumatized. Some haven’t reextended this particular day. That consists of emergency personnel and also professional world who were existing and exposed to this trauma. But the biggest sufferers were Tim McLean’s family. They lost their loving boy, brvarious other, cousin and nephew. Friends shed a man who’d offer them the shirt off his ago never before mind a laugh from their innards. None of them ever before gained justice.

Tim McLean was an innocent young man. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and also a victim of circumstances a lot favor the pedestrian creamed in a crosswalk by a drunk. Looking earlier, tright here were strands of fate bringing these 2 males together on that Greyhound bus. But could it be prevented?

Let’s look at Vince Li.

It’s the overall photo that’s never been put to remainder. That includes whether it was conclusively prrange that Li was out of his mind and also had actually no concept of what he was doing to Tim was wrong. It’s likewise the all at once concepts of punishment, holding an offender accountable no issue what their mental state and ensuring the public is correctly defended from future danger.

Then there’s respect and also support of victims. Vince Li spared Tim McLean’s family an extensive trial. Li asserted he was not criminally responsible as a result of psychological illness and the court bought it without calling traumatized witnesses and household members. They relied on professional opinions from forensic psychiatric witnesses who were clinically detached from the scene.

Judgment passed that Li was not criminally responsible for Tim’s murder as a result of psychosis caused by untreated schizophrenia. He was conveniently locked up in a secure hospital facility where monitoring and also treatment commenced for an indefinite duration. Untold time and money were invested in “rehabilitating” Vince Li. They put him on medication and also under assorted therapies. They even aided Li readjust his name to Will Baker.

But nothing was done for Tim McLean’s household or the traumatized people that watched Vince Li butcher Tim. Tbelow was little bit regard for the public’s defense that Li—now Will Baker—would certainly be permanently locked up favor the regulation have to enable. It was left to the “system” to attend to Vince Li. That mechanism is made of human being. And human being are flawed.

It took a little bit to acquire Vince Li’s medication best and also stabilize him. He wasn’t in a normal, functioning state of mind as soon as he killed Tim McLean. But he wasn’t truly out of it. Vince Li knew exactly what he was doing and also he remembered it. He explained Tim’s gruesome murder detail-by-detail to his forensic psychiatric team simply as a serial killer confesses to detectives.

You can argue absence of intent as a result of psychological incapacity all day lengthy. It’s bullshit. Vince Li gained on that Greyhound all set to kill. He bought that knife and he bought those plastic bags well in advancement. Li now looked for an opportunity to usage them. No matter what his psychological state was, that showed planning and also premeditation. Li wanted a victim and Tim McLean was it.

Something to think about around killers—they deserve to be extremely, extremely excellent actors. Famous killers choose Gacy and Bianchi were masterful manipulators. They told investigators and profilers specifically what they wanted to hear. Li might be a little player in the people of murders however he’s not unexplained. Tright here are many type of dangerous offenders warehosupplied in psychological institutions. But tbelow are few that did what Vince Li did to Tim McLean.

Now that Vince Li was out of the courts and also jails, he remained in the treatment of mental wellness treatment employees. Li was managed and they changed his medication. They obtained him to attribute in an apparently normal state and also began experimentation his response to freedom by gradually integrating him ago right into society. It was their mandate. Public defense was not.

Today, Vince Li is a free male. There’s no mechanism oversight. He’s not accountable for his crime in any way. It’s exactly choose it never happened. That’s plain wrong.

The flaw in the criminal legal (not justice) mechanism is there’s no respect for victims choose Tim McLean and his family. This “not criminally responsible due to a mental disability” loophole goes also much. Tright here hregarding be some permanent restraint put on potentially dangerous people that prove they’re capable of violent acts.

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The flaws disrespect security of society. They neglect victim and also household legal rights. Carol de Delley is Tim McLean’s mommy. She’ll never get over this. Carol and Tim’s father, Tim McLean Sr. never acquired to say goodbye to their son—his body was completely unviewable.