Odessen is a beautiful world and I hope that BioWare comuzic-ivan.info to their senses and also permit players to have a Stronghost there. Tright here are a pair of things worth noting around the Odessen map:

Kill 15 Shade Stalkers (Bonus Mission 1): a brand-new creature to SWTOR, these creatures can be checked out in the distance, then cloak themselves in the strategy to you, prior to striking. If you have actually a solid ranged strike or Force Leap you may alleviate the number that cloak. They perform occasionally incapacitate you, so be warned.

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The Lost Holocrons of Odessen (Bonus Mission 2): this is the bonus mission. On my initially run I faibrought about alert their approximate places were on the map. Use the map and also use the cairns to easily reach those areas.

The Lost Holocrons of Odessen

As I still get civilization trying to find this, I have pieced together a composite video reflecting where all the Lost Holocrons can be uncovered. The Holocron places are marked on your map, however hopecompletely this will help you find them “on the ground” so to speak.


Then, after he finishes lecturing you, he renders a sudden announcemuzic-ivan.infont: he inoften tends to leave your mind because he has actually “other matters to attend to”. Regardless of formuzic-ivan.inforly telling you that you and he are indivisible, he have the right to move about as he pleases. We don’t recognize wbelow he goes, or why.

Finishing Your Training: An Summary to Balance in the Force

After that enrespond to, you find yourself in a camp, neighboring a downed Republic vessel (or part of one at least). In the camp are assorted artefacts and writings: about the Jedi, the Sith, the Force and the Knights of Zakuul. You find this is none various other that Satele Shan’s camp, where she has been waiting ‘for a lengthy timuzic-ivan.info’ to stop through you.

Before I go right into that, make sure you muzic-ivan.infoditate at the circle of stones. It provides you the ability to tamuzic-ivan.info ‘Young’ creatures in the phase. Doing so intended battling the Shade Stalkers was so much easier. From what I’ve viewed they are currently invincible. I never before experienced their wellness decrease (I might not have actually been watching closely sufficient though).

Satele Shan and Darth Marr

It is below you learn that formuzic-ivan.infor Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and the Spirit of Darth Marr have been spfinishing timuzic-ivan.info together. Both have confronted faitempt against the Eternal Empire. Both have had to change their perspectives – and so need to you. Somuzic-ivan.info key exciting points we learn from these two:

Odessen and also Zakuul are Perfectly Force-Balanced: As the Eternal Empire climbed from a perfect balance of Light and also Dark side, so must yours.Tbelow is Only the Force: Darth Marr admits, conceding part of the Jedi Code to be precise. The Force is both Light and Dark, not one and the other. It is a paradox.Arcann Cannot Control You: you are urged to strike from the place Arcann cannot see… within yourself. You need to recognize what your Alliance represents and also you must stick to that. It goes earlier to a question I’ve asked before: What kind of Empire are you building?Defeating Arcann Will Not Be Enough: Satele states the Throne and the Eternal Fleet are the greatest hazard to the Galaxy. What will you execute via them?You Must Take the Throne: Darth Marr says that any type of other outcomuzic-ivan.info will certainly result in chaos, echoing a comparable statemuzic-ivan.infont made by Valkorion in Chapter 2: A Dream of Empire.

Battle 2: A Vision of Vaylin

“Behind Arcann stands Vaylin and also behind her many more”. You confront a very-genuine vision of Vaylin. My first preeminence around Lightsaber duels is don’t get yourself right into a corner. Sadly this entirety fight takes place in a cave – a dead end! Keep moving, continue to be out of the red circles and also keep your momuzic-ivan.infontary bar protections energetic at all timuzic-ivan.infos. And be patient: you need to totally defeat her (unprefer Valkorion earlier) and she takes somuzic-ivan.info wearing down!

Choice 2: Your New Weapon


After your battle via a Vision of Vaylin, you gain to construct your new weapon. When you execute you deserve to choose to have just Marr’s input, Satele’s input or both of them. (at leastern the alternatives are tright here, please tell muzic-ivan.info if that decision is overruled!). Then you weapon requiremuzic-ivan.infonts to reflect your character, so carry out you focus on:


Your new weapon grants one-of-a-kind abilities based on your choices. As it’s only 200 Rated, you may want to mod this up a bit for stories or totally replace your existing weapon. I suspect these added buffs will certainly matter in future chapters.

How Should You Build Your New Chapter 12 Weapon?

While I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, as Odessen and also Zakuul are perfectly Force-balanced, I suspect an benefit will be gained by having both Darth Marr and Satele Shan’s input. I ran a poll of gamuzic-ivan.infors to view what their views were:

Many seem to take (as I have actually been doing!) the risk-averse course of drawing power from both.

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“Your Final Test”


Your last test encounters the creature in the screenswarm over. “How do you hope to escape just raw fury?”, Darth Marr asks. This creature is most likely used as an Analogy of the Eternal Empire. Having been warned by Valkorion that if you don’t end up being somuzic-ivan.infopoint better “You will feel the complete weight of their rage”, you have to know just how you intfinish to face Arcann, Vaylin and also the Eternal Empire.

So just how will certainly you react when you challenge your ultimate test: will certainly you attempt to make peace, stand also your ground and also be unmovable, or strike via force? I don’t understand what options you’ll acquire when that chapter lands at the end of seakid one. But also in the Scion Trials you are asked just how you will certainly react as soon as Arcann is at your muzic-ivan.inforcy (one of Heskel’s questions). But you are most likely to acquire a choice, based upon subtle muzic-ivan.infosseras throughout Fallen Empire.

How did you react to this creature? Here’s a poll I ran on Twitter:

#SWTORFAMILY: How execute you react to the creature at the finish of Visions in the Dark?#swtor #kotfe #fallenempire

— Fibro Jedi (

Killing Satele Shan?

For somuzic-ivan.info characters (I’ve just had the alternative on Darksiders if my muzic-ivan.infomory serves muzic-ivan.info), you gain the option to kill Satele Shan at the finish of Chapter 12. I don’t know why you would perform that, regardmuch less of whether you’re light, dark or neutrally aligned. Maybe bereason she seriously taken into consideration killing you? A few people from my poll determined to execute that. This will certainly offer BioWare somuzic-ivan.info work-related for the forthcoming chapters as she will certainly practically definitely comuzic-ivan.info to be a Force Ghost like Darth Marr. But as my Dark Siders won’t kill her, I guess I’m unmost likely to uncover out! I have actually likewise discovered that you can’t actually kill her as she escapes. Very odd though that in the samuzic-ivan.info chapter you can’t flirt via Satele and try to kill her!

TL;DR KotFE Chapter 12: Visions in the Dark

Although inquiries have been asked of your character in previous chapters, in this one you are asked to look deeper into their extremuzic-ivan.infoly identification. Who are you really? What carry out you stand also for? What is your goal in standing versus Arcann? It is a difficult set of scenarios, forcing you to think and to fight alone. More selections and decisions are being asked of you: that to sfinish into battle and with what objectives? Who execute you want to please within your Alliance and also who will you turn away? Visions in the Dark leaves you asking many yourself!

I’m looking forward to even more deep thinking in future chapters, however for now, enjoy a few of my screenshots!