One of the brand-new obstacles included as part of the Fortnite Fortnitemares Halloween event overlaps via a constant Challenge from Week 2 (finding Corrupted Areas in the Seachild 6 map) however players will certainly need to strategy it an entirely various method. That’s only slightly annoying for those of us that currently completed the initial difficulty weeks ago.

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Fortnitemares kicked off beforehand Wednesday morning, and in enhancement to battling the brand-new zombie-inspired Cube Monsters and also dancing in front of Gargoyles, players also need to visit Corrupted Areas. In Week 2, the Challenge wregarding “Visit every one of the Corrupted Areas.” That meant hardcore players can possibly hit 2 or more in a single enhance and also complete it in as little as three matches.

This time approximately, yet, the language is at the same time more time consuming yet flexible: “Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches.” The obstacle shows it hregarding be done salso times in seven various matches. Due to the fact that the number salso is in tbelow, it’s simple to assume that it has to be each of the seven different Corrupted Areas, however that doesn’t seem to be the instance below.

The Corrupted Areas are exceptionally simple to spot on the in-game map, but here they are highlighted in thematically appropriate purple boxes.Epic Games

In theory, players should be able to visit the exact same Corrupted Arean extra than once — but they have to play at least salso complete matches to finish the difficulty no matter what.

On the plus side, the massive Purple Cube has planted new magical structures at all of the Corrupted Areas, and that’s wright here the new Cube Monsters spawn. The various other 2 Fortnitemares Challenges require that players remove these and deal damage to them via Assault Rifles and also Pistols.

For players who really want to excel at the Fortnitemares Challenges, think about overlapping Corrupted Area visits with a map of all the recognized Gargoyle areas.


The handy point to perform is land on or close to a Gargoyle place, loot for some equipment, and also then approach a Corrupted Area to fight some Cube Monsters. We imply landing at Viking Village, dancing in front of the Gargoyle situated tbelow, and also pushing either north through the Corrupted Area to the various other Gargoyle at the Haunted Castle or heading southeast via that Corrupted Area prior to hitting the other Gargoyle close to Flush Factory.

Additionally, the northeastern area of the map has actually a Gargoyle in Tomato Temple and also Risky Reels, together with a Corrupted Area in between the two.

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This initially batch of 4 Fortnitemares Challenges is only the start. More Challenges for the occasion unlock on Friday, Sunday, and also Tuesday. Expect more Challenges entailing the Cube Monsters, Corrupted Areas, and possibly also the Shadow Stones.