Voices of Hope was started in 2014 by Genevieve Mora and also Jazz Thornton. Both being mental condition survivors they felt the should use their past experiences alongside their passion for creating content to provoke and carry readjust.

Due to the fact that the launch of Voices of Hope, their content has obtained both nationwide and international acknowledgment and has actually caught the attention of providers wanting to support their vision.

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Our team

"We felt the should use our previous experiences via mental illness to administer hope to those struggling."


Co-Founder and General Manager

Genevieve Mora, 26 invested most of her teenage years battling psychological disease. She is now a proud survivor and has actually made it her mission to market hope to those fighting mental illness. Genevieve co-established Voices of Hope and through this provides her lived experience to present human being that recoincredibly is feasible and that there is no shame in having a mental condition.



Having get over childhood abusage and multiple self-destruction attempts, 25 year old Jazz Thornton has currently dedicated her life to speaking hope and creating change in the location of psychological. Jazz co-established Voices of Hope and her unique experience and practical message has actually acquired global acknowledgment, being shared through media, worldwide speaking engagements and now with a brand-new attribute documentary film. Jazz is additionally the award-winning director of Jessica"s Tree, writer of Sheight Surviving Start Fighting and also has actually a brand-new book co-authored via Genevieve being released early on 2021.


Communications Manager

Hazel originates from an event administration and also media background and has actually been affiliated via Voices of Hope"s events in the time of the previous few years. She is excited to join the Voices of Hope team as the Communications Manager to assist in the advocacy and fight for adjust in the mental wellness room.


Graphic Designer

Leilani is a graphic designer who likewise has a background in journalism, so with the combination of her abilities she loves bringing stories to life through her deindicators. Leilani also leads area youth programmes and is passionate about uplifting young people and also caring for their mental wellness. She’s a creative who lives by the phrase, ‘created to create’.

Board Member

Stephanie is a General Practitionerwho has actually functioned in primary care for over 15 years. Stephanie is passionate about shaping the future of mental wellness treatment in New Zealand also and has both the enthusiasm and experience to encertain that the Voices of Hope can continue to provide hope to those that are struggling.

Stephanie is likewise a mom of three, a director of Procare Network-related Limited (New Zealand’s largest Primary Health Organisation) and also is a member of the New Zealand Medical Association General Practice Council.

Board Member

Chris is a lawyer with substantial suffer practicing in both private and public sector organisations and in governance roles for not for profit entities in New Zealand.

He is committed to seeing Voices of Hope build and flourish its reach to make a actual distinction to world of all backgrounds by spreading a message of hope and advocating for readjust.

Board Member

Wayne is an worldwide multi-award winning music producer, director of an Auckland also percreating Arts School, and an ordained pastor who has actually been caring for people of all periods for over 30 years. He is passionate around the mission of Voices of Hope, about mental health and seeing this generation of NZers rise to an unprecedented level of hope, life and also well-being.

Board Member

Kirsten (well-known as KP) is the Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors. She is a lawyer and also a Distinguiburned Fellow of Human being Resources. KP is actively involved in sustaining not-for-profit governance and also is a Board Member of the New Zealand also Rugby Foundation and also Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust.

KP is a mom of two and also is passionate around teen mental health and wellness. She is committed to helping Voices of Hope administer love and also hope to young human being across New Zealand also and the world

Claudia Rose is a writer from New Zealand also and also has composed for several virtual publications. When Claudia is not creating, she’s a tea enthusiast, enjoys reading and also spending time with her dog, Wren, and also cat, Crystal.

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She is passionate around the work-related that Voices of Hope do. Claudia shares her stories to inspire hope and also desires to help others execute the exact same.