we drive tonight,and you are by my side.We"re talking about our stays,favor we"ve recognized each other forever before.the time flies by,via the sound of your voice.its cshed to paradise,through the end surely near.and if i might only sheight the carand also hold onto you,and never before let go...i"ll never before let go.as we round the cornerto your houseyou turned to me and also sassist,"i"ll be going via withdrawl of you for this one night we have actually invested."and also, i desire to stop these wordsbut i guess i"ll simply bite my tongue,and also accept "one day, somehow"as the words that we"ll hang from.and i... don"t desire to soptimal these words.reason i, don"t desire to make things anyworse.why does tonite, need to end?why do not we hit restart,and pausage it at our favorite components.we"ll skip the goodbyes.if i had actually it my method,i"d rotate the automobile about and also runamethod,just you and i.and also i... do not want to speak these words.reason i, do not desire to make things anyworse.

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As I"ve been cleaning up approximately below, I"ve been reasoning about the ten plus years I"ve invested talking to you eexceptionally night. I"ve gained the original microphone from when I supplied to broadcast from a pirate terminal. Not way up there wbelow the air is rare, yet from the filthy basement with poodles of ooze on the floor. And I supplied to rap right into that mike; that"s what we dubbed it: RAPPING. With my God-damned Uncle Sam button pinned to one side of my chest and the one that said "killing for peace is choose fucking for chastity" on the other. Still gained those buttons too, hahahaha, it"s been a great ride. We might survive this hard time folks, feel our way through this darkness, however it"s gonna take time and also it"s gonna expense stays. Yet the answer IS self evident; favor those truths we used to organize dear; and also the love of mansort may still come out on peak. Our children"s children could still live in a better world, more beautiful civilization. Do I think that, hee, yeah. With a glass of Jack in one hand also, I regulate. This next song is pure nostalgia at this point; harking earlier to a time as soon as the civilization economy was going down the shitter, and we really believed that points couldn"t acquire any worse. Haha, but what did we know? The costs turned out to be higher than all the federal government bailouts and stimulus packeras linked. Here"s some genuine stimulus, Summer of Rage, by Hierophant. I"m Will "O the Wisp.
Night-time is falling on the Louvre.It"s been a lazy afternoon.We walk to the residence, the air is clear,The water"s still relocating in the pool. You say One word.the same One sound.thing It makesaacquire. the people go "round.One word; You"ll seewe fight. you can not win -We"re in the very same placea game. yet not the very same spin.Let it all If it fades away,fade away. I do not mind. We were miles amethod, we were miles away,We were miles and also miles ameans.Remember this oil by Augustus John?These are the ones I uncovered in Rome.Tbelow are few points I save for long.When does your aircraft leave for Cologne? I respeak to One word -the train - I saw -People danced that"s all it tookagain. to revolve them about.One people Stvariety human being,we"re in. no sound.We"ll find The very same thingsthe very same thing. are everywhere about.Never before mind... You"ll check out,via time, with timewe"ll dance again. we"ll dance again.If it all fades amethod... Let it all fade dancing ameans. All the sounds I heard One word,on a summer night, I discovered,and the quiet words that"s all it tookwe exchanged. I felt to revolve him roughly.she was pulling ago She watched.to emphadimension - He sighs.I was falling He waits forinto Mona Lisa"s eyes. a touch of her eyes.And she turned, And thenand also she turned, she turns away.she was much away. She will not let himShe was miles ameans. touch her any even more now. She was miles amethod.She was so many type of miles away.
Fly amethod via me tonightTake me on one-way trip in you loving arms And everything´s gonna be alrightYou´re the one who took my handWhen no one else could understandYour´re the one that moves me Like nobody else deserve to Chorus:Take me down to wbelow I wanna be Turn around the guy that resides inside of meTake me down and lose me all night longHold me close and make me strong Take me dvery own take me down tonight In your eyes I see the lightIt´s your emovements glowing brightSo store the fires burningAnd let it warm it through the nightYou have the right to be apart of me "Coz you´re what love was intended to beYou and also me baby will certainly collection the flame inside freeChorus:Take me down to wbelow I wanna be Turn about the guy who stays inside of meTake me down and lose me all night longHold me cshed and also make me strong Take me down take me down tonight You don´t have to saty forever before Let´s simply put our hearts together And share one more night in ecstasyWe recognize that it´s feeling betterEextremely time we come togetherMaybe love was expected for you and me Chorus:Take me dvery own to wright here I wanna be Turn approximately the guy that resides inside of meTake me dvery own and also shed me all night longHold me cshed and make me solid Take me down take me dvery own tonight
Tonight I"ll treat you prefer a super star Doesn"t issue wright here we are Baby doll As lengthy as I"m with you Oh, I"ll treat you favor a superstar Drive you about in my sophisticated automobile Baby doll As lengthy as I"m through you Baby girl let me break it dvery own to you I haven"t been fairly the man I should"ve I didn"t carry out all the things that I could"ve To bring back your smile All this time I was out tright here grinding Trying to make life a little even more interesting Couldn"t view I was leaving you behind n" It look me a while Girl don"t organize a grudge via me Tonight I"ll move you off your feet And make it just how we intended 2 be I only desire you Your body, I wanna organize You acquired my back when then civilization is so cold From day 1 I swear I was sold On you So I"ma execute the things that you like I"ll take my time and also do it all night Freak that dress Then one that I favor Let"s ride Girl its your night (its your night) We"ll perform what-ev-er you desire to perform Ooh, I will certainly make it best (I"ll make it right) As long as I"m through you (you)

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Denial, Revisited So below we go Having the very same old fight aacquire Though there she goes Same old game that never ends If I might say all the appropriate words I know I could make you continue to be If I can say all the ideal words Things would work-related out alright And if you go I would certainly believe That it"s forever And you deserve to go I"ll never before leave "Cause it"s not over Replay last night Talking out don"t make it ideal I recognize she"s tried My totality world is her And though its gone currently And if you go I would believe That it"s forever before I will not let go Even if she Says that it"s over I understand it"ll be Different this time If you just continue to be And as soon as we composed this story How did it end? It was you and me for all our resides Go on don"t say it We"ll attempt aget And if I simply hold you We can last But she"s obtained salty tears dvery own her confront And it indicates that God this is the finish I"ve waited for you But there"s nothing but currently i have the right to perform How did you know?