George Strait and Jim Lauderdale have plenty of history in between them. Because 1992, Strait has actually reduced 14 song penned or co-penned by Lauderdale, including "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This," his 3rd single from his One Step at a Time album. After the song debuted at No. 72 on Billboard's Hot Counattempt Singles & Tracks chart in May of 1998 thanks to unsolicited airplay, Strait released "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" as an official single in September of 1998, and the track peaked in the Top 5 (No. 4).

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In 2016, Lauderdale reduced "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" for his album This Changes Everything, an 11-track job videotaped in Austin, Texas, on a brief, one-day break in his summer tour schedule. Below, the singer-songwriter recalls for The Boot his memories of creating the hit.

I remember, I was functioning on -- I had actually finiburned my record called Whisper, which came out on RCA , and I was renting a room, an apartment, on top of Buddy Miller's home. And Buddy was obtaining his house studio going, and he periodically at night -- you know, at 2 or 3 in the morning -- I would hear stuff. So I assumed, "Look, I desire to keep this place, but I'm gonna discover some place else that's quiet." So I operated out this excellent deal with this old hotel right here in tvery own referred to as the Union Station -- it supplied to be an old train station -- and my location was appropriate by the railroad tracks, I can hear the trains going by, I could view the sun collection, and also it was really simply a good area.

And that song principle -- occasionally I really have to labor over , and also it's simply like tearing out my hair for the songs I create alone -- but that one ... When I obtain a expression, sometimes, you understand, just that assumed, I was simply thinking about a conversation with somebody, and so that began coming out. And so I went into the studio I've made the majority of documents in and also a lot of demos, a area referred to as Moondog here in town, and also Tim Coates was the engineer I functioned with, and Garry Tallent of the E Street Band also, that was his studio.

So I did a demo of the song, and my publisher had actually been -- they said, "George Strait is comin' up, he's going in" -- they'd been pitching him these songs ... so I took a CD and dropped it by the studio. I believed, I'd just done this, I don't think there's any type of possibility he'll record it, however I have actually nothing to lose, and I'm discouraged because I'd given him whatever I believed he would certainly take, and the following day I found out he liked it.

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A lot of times, via the songs, I would deliberately write for him, and also I'd feel choose "I'm channeling George" ... and those would certainly never acquire recorded.