Each week, numerous members of the BRoto staff will certainly market one player each to buy low on and also one player each to sell high on. Take benefit of your league mates by obtaining players at their lowest value and dealing players at their greatest values!

Now let"s dive in to the week 8 targets and sells:

Buy Low

Rashod Batemale - WR Baltieven more Ravens


The 27th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Rashod Bateman, has played 2 games in his young career and also is dripping through upside.

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While his first two stat lines leave much to be preferred (4-29-0 on six targets, 3-80-0 on six targets), Batemale has actually automatically hopped right into a beneficial function for Lamar Jackson and also the Ravens.

With a Week 8 bye coming up for Baltieven more and also the impending rerevolve of Mr. I-actively-make-my-team-worse-but-am-still-extremely-overrated, Sammy Watkins, many type of fantasy supervisors may not think it is worth their while to start Batemale moving forward. However, Lamar Jackchild has actually been a top-5 QB in True Throw Value for many kind of stretches of his career and is now throwing even more than he ever has actually. With groups focusing on burgeoning stars Marquise Brvery own and Mark Andrews, Bateman need to proceed to be in line for targets against lesser defenders.

Bateman carries WR3 appeal, through WR2 upside, from here on out and also deserve to most likely be had for a low price.

Jason Petropoulos

Tee Higgins - WR Cincinnati Bengals

It’s clear that Ja’Marr Chase is a stud however that doesn’t expect that Higgins can’t be Robin to Chase’s Batman.

Over the past two weeks, Chase has actually seen 16 targets compared to Higgins’ 13. He may not be the downarea danger that Chase is but Burrow is still slinging the rock 30+ times a game and also they all can’t go to Chase.

The Bengals will certainly likewise start seeing defenses adjust for Chase which will bode well for Higgins.

Per ESPN play-by-play, Tee Higgins had actually three deep targets in week 7, that were infinish, so Higgins 9.79 aDOT is deceptive.

One last suggest on Higgins, he finiburned via a 39.5% target share AND a 94.3 WOPR this past Sunday. Go buy Higgins prior to it’s also late.

Clayton Jones

Chase Edmonds - RB Arizona Cardinals

Everyone desires to emphasis on James Conner TD’s, yet Edmonds has actually eight red zone carries through six weeks. Realistically, Edmonds is a positive regression candiday in the TD department, having actually none through salso weeks despite having actually double digit carries in four of seven games this seakid.

Edmonds still maintains the passing down occupational and still witnessed even more carries than Conner in Week 7: 15 to 10. The only concern has actually been blowouts. Arizona has actually demolimelted their last two opponents: the Cleveland also Browns and the Houston Texans, leading to even more Conner and less Edmonds.

The Cardinals play the Packers on Thursday night complied with by a challenging department game against the 49ers. They still need to play the Rams, Colts, Cowboys, and two late season matchups versus the Seahawks that will have actually Russell Wilchild back by then.

Edmonds is still obtaining plenty of job-related. Thstormy salso weeks, Edmonds has had 3 or even more targets in eincredibly game and is fourth amongst RBs via a 14.8% taracquire share, 7th in overall targets to RBs and 10th in receiving yards to RBs! Go buy Edmonds!

Clayton Jones

Sell High

Joe Mixon - RB Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Mixon is a fine running ago and that’s about it. It doesn’t issue if he underperdevelops ADP year after year, the Mixon hive continues to be thick headed through it all clamoring for folks to trust in Mixon as a top 20 fantasy player. Well, he’s not, so profession him now for a rerevolve of that caliber.

Mixon is a part of one of the most amazing young offenses in the league and has actually played in every single game this season, yet, he has topped 13.2 fifty percent ppr fantasy points simply twice. Five of salso games this seaboy Mixon has actually been exterior the height 20 RBs on the week, despite one of the easiest schedules for RBs.

The Bengals schedule is fairly light the rest of the method, however he still has actually a bye and also at leastern three difficult matchups on tap.

One of the fallacies fantasy supervisors tell themselves around Mixon is that he catches passes. Well, via seven games, Mixon has 13 receptions and 90 receiving yards. This is tied for 3fifth among RBs in receptions and also 38th in receiving yards.

Mixon is just 4sixth in PPOxTD and also tied for 3third through .29 rushing yards over supposed per attempt. His 35 full rushing yards over meant is tied via Alex Collins.

Furthermore, while the Bengals were being careful and also conservative via Joe Burrow via the first part of the seaboy, they have actually come to be a lot even more aggressive over the last a number of weeks. Burrow’s passing yards totals from weeks 1-3 compared to weeks 4-7 are a stark contrast. Weeks 1-3: 261, 207, 172. Weeks 4-7: 348, 281, 271, 416. This has led to a higher neutral pass price and also an average of 37% more pass attempts per game.

With Burrow balling out and also Ja’Marr Chase looking like an absolute superstar, I execute not intend this team to revert to their conservative early seakid means.

Mixon is a solid RB, yet he is not a height five or optimal ten RB as so many type of world desperately want him to be. Ship him off currently and also enjoy the benefits.

Michael Petropoulos

Kyle Pitts - TE Atlanta Falcons

Before I begin, let me clarify: in no method is Kyle Pitts a need to profession. With his insane skill collection, consumption and also the TE landscape being as grim as ever before, trading Kyle Pitts may exceptionally well be counter-abundant. If you will certainly be left through no viable TE, or can’t obtain a deal that blows you away, don’t profession Pitts. With that being sassist, Pitts’ worth has actually never been greater and also will more than likely not be as high for an extremely lengthy time. If you want to trade Kyle Pitts, now is the moment.

While many fantasy analysts who guburned over Kyle Pitts this offseakid have used his last 2 games as proof, past a reasonable doubt, that Kyle Pitts officially ascfinished into the level of top-tier TE superstar, I say not so fast.

After a decent first four weeks that experienced Pitts obtain some decent volume, he turned his 26 targets right into just one performance over 10 PPR points, peaking at TE8 in Week 2 and also bottoming out at TE24 in Week 3. Then, he challenged the Jets and Dolphins.

In a London matchup through the Jets, the Falcons top-2 receivers were both missing from the game, turning Pitts into the lone choice versus the struggling defense and he camelted in, turning 10 targets right into a 9/119/1 line leading to a TE2 overall end up versus a Jets team that allows even more than 26% even more Points Over Mean (POA) to opposing TEs. He then took benefit of an additional excellent matchup versus the Dolphins, where he torched the destructive defense for 7/163/0. While you can just play who is on your schedule and tright here is something to be shelp about Pitts taking benefit of these matchups, his upcoming matchups look a lot less appealing.

Carolina, at New Orleans, at Dallas and New England all rank in the bottom half of fantasy points given as much as the TE and also only Carolina has actually a positive POA. Calvin Ridley and also Russell Gage have actually likewise returned to the lineup, and with the emergence of swiss-army knife Cordarelle Patterboy, Pitts is one of 4 pass capturing options in a poor offense, ranked 1nine in points per game despite the last two weeks. QB Matt Ryan’s True Throw Value is 24th, interpretation he has actually the 24th most practical throw in the league, bring about Kyle Pitts 8th ranked TE ranking in True Targain Value. While that isn’t damaging, I think that is even more in line through the results you will certainly be seeing from Pitts as the seaboy goes alengthy.

Couple every one of this with all the reasons I was fading Pitts in the offseason, and Kyle Pitts’ worth will certainly most likely never be as high as it is best now. For a refresher of those reasons, examine out the offseaboy write-up - You are Drafting Kyle Pitts Too High.

If you have the right to obtain a superstar for Pitts, carry out it now, before his value will never be higher.

Tim Petropoulos

Courtland also Sutton - WR Denver Broncos

With Week 8 just roughly the corner, we are nearing the halfmeans allude of the fantasy football seaboy. This juncture of the seakid marks a turning allude for contenders and pretenders in your fantasy football leagues. Now is the moment to up your roster for the last push by limiting threat with constant weekly producers. Courtland also Sutton has not been a continuous producer in 2021.

Sutton is a boom or bust player. He has actually had three weekly finishes in the WR1 tier in 2021 but has actually also had 4 weekly finishes listed below WR30, including a WR55 complete in Week 3 and a WR63 end up in Week 4. His lowest weekly end up came in Week 1 when he shockingly finimelted outside the top 100 wide receivers. Week 1 was coincidentally the only complete game Sutton shared through his budding sophoeven more counterpart, Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy gained forced out of a Week 2 contest through a nasty high ankle sprain. The Broncos recently caused Jeudy off injured reserve and the young receiver is meant to make his return in Week 8. During Jeudy’s Week 1 performance, the sophomore wideout taped 6 receptions on salso targets for 72 yards.

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Broncos quarterago Teddy Bridgewater has had actually a pleasant renewal to his NFL career yet remains a low output choice. Sutton is guaranteed to see a reduction from his team-leading 24.9% taracquire share through Jeudy in the lineup. The rerevolve of Jeudy, along with Bridgewater"s low passing numbers, might flatten Sutton’s manufacturing totally.

Matt Ward

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