In Control tright here are a number of side pursuits for players to complete to unlock mods, materials, and also even capability points. These side searches come from miscellaneous resources including the Janitor. In reality the Janitor has a variety of side pursuits for players to complete. One side search from the Janitor’s board jobs you with talking to plants. Use our What a Mess Talk to the Plants guide to do simply that.

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To start make your means to the Central Research location. In this area there are a total of 6 plants for you to talk to. To talk to the plants ssuggest walk approximately them and hit the interact button. This reasons Jesse to stop through them briefly. Once you’ve talked to all six you will receive 4 capability points, some products, and also mods.

Plant Location 1: Outside Washroom

The initially plant have the right to be found on the ground floor just external the washroom entrance by the cafeteria and the quote from Dr. Theodore Ash.

The second plant deserve to be situated on the ground floor near the stairs heading as much as the next level. From the cafeteria entrance head left and you will discover the plant.

Plant Location 3: By Ground Floor Shelter

Head past plant 2 and also make your means in the direction of the Shelter located on the ground floor. The 3rd plant have the right to be discovered on the wall opposite the Shelter.

Plant Location 4: Desk Outside Parapsychology Entrance

Just exterior the entrance to Parapsychology tbelow is a desk. Beside the desk is a plant you can sheight to.

The fifth plant can be discovered by the desk simply outside the enattempt means for the Sector Elevator.

Plant Location 6: Outside Dr. Darling’s Office

The sixth and final plant deserve to be found outside Dr. Darling’s Office which is located at the extremely top of the Central Research area.

Once you’ve spoken via all the plants the side quest will certainly finish. You will receive 4 Ability Points, some resources, and also a mod for your troubles. Way to go plant whisperer.

This concludes our What a Mess Talk to the Plants guide. If you have actually any kind of concerns or comments for me, drop them in The Pit listed below and also I will certainly try to answer/respond to them.

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