What can motes of light be provided for post 2.0? I am conscious that they can provide me some reputation towards my faction, yet what else?



Use them as instant-suffer consumables.

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Each Mote of Light you use will give you XP for your weapons/armor/and so on So you can fundamentally power level your very own gear if you desire those upgrade nodes quickly.

However before, you still have to pay the glimmer/product costs for each upgrade node.

In addition to this:

You can usage them to unlock all upgrades on legendary items you aren't going to usage. Fully unlocked legendaries(you don't need to upgrade the weapons/gear!) will offer you 5 Legendary Marks instead of 3 once you dismantle them.

So save up some legendary items you desire to dismantle, equip as many as feasible slots, usage motes of light and/or finiburned bounties. This way you'll gain the a lot of out of your 'trash'.

You can exadjust all of your old shards and also power for Motes or Glimmer at the speaker. You won't be making use of them anyeven more... leaves you via also even more Motes :)

You can dismantle them for experience towards the gear you are wearing. Guns and Armour.

It does not assist towards your subcourse or level but.

You have the right to also exchange them for reputation towards your chosen factivity.

They can be used as a consumable to get endure for weapons and armor however not to your subclass. Also they are offered in searches and to infuse tools and also armor.

Use them to bump up your gear;

Exchange them for Faction reputation;

Purchase items from the Speaker;

Infusions cost 1 Mote;

You'll require a bunch of them for some pursuits - if I remember correctly, you require 10 for the Sword and also 50 for the Touch of Malice.

You deserve to purchase reputation through the FWC/NM/DO factions.

You can "use" a Mote of Light in your inventory, which will certainly grant suffer to all gear you're wearing (however not to your character level or subclass).

You require Motes of Light to infuse your gear to a greater Light level.

You need Motes of Light for the Sword Quest.

Motes of Light are offered to purchase some of Eva Levante's emblems.

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