Directions:Complete the calculation by hand also. Sjust how all work below and also pick thecorrect answer based upon your calculations. Check your job-related making use of the 3Dmodeling software program. If your answers differ, explain why you think they arevarious wright here proper.

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2.What is the thickness of aluminum in grams percubic centimeter? (This might require research. Be sure to record your resource.)
3.What is the density of aluminum in pounds percubic inch? Sexactly how your work-related consisting of all convariation components.

7.If one quart of cleaning solution will clean14400 in.2, exactly how many quarts will certainly be compelled to clean 3000 parts?Use 3D software physical properties.

Directions: Completethe calculation by hand also. Sjust how all work listed below and also select the correct answerbased upon your calculations. Check your occupational using the 3D modeling software program. Ifyour answers differ, explain why you think they are different whereproper.
3.What is the thickness of brass in pounds per cubicinch? Sexactly how your occupational including all convariation components.
7. Whatwill be the complete price to ship 100 brass parts if the shipping price is $4.25per pound? Use the physical properties from the CAD evaluation. SHOW WORK."
4.What is the weight of the high densitypolyethylene component in pounds? Show your work-related and include all convariation determinants.
Use the 3D CADVERTISEMENT software to perdevelop a physical propertyanalysis of the connector item of your Automoblox auto. Create a newmaterial in the software referred to as Automoblox Plastic. Use the density you foundfor the connector and also human being in Activity5.3 Determining Density and also the various other physical properties of ABS plastic.
Print an isometric see of your connector piece and also acopy of the CADVERTISEMENT physical home values. Insert both right into your engineeringnotebook.
2.If tright here is a 4% loss of material in theproduction procedure, exactly how much material must be purchased to develop 10,000connector pieces? SHOW WORK.
3.If the cost of the plastic to manufacture theconnector parts is $0.015 per cubic inch of product, what is the expense tomanufacture 10,000 connector pieces? SHOW WORK.
In order to have the ability to figure out other building from using many fundamental SI or US devices of measurement.

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3.The clear enclosure piece and the wheels of theAutomoblox are made from polycarbonate. Do you think that the connectorpieces are also produced from polycarbonate? Justify your answer.
Activity 3.1b Linear Measurement via US Customary Units Procedure Conclusion 1.                   When you look at a illustration, just how do you know if you are looking at U S Customary or SI measurements? Why is it crucial for an engineer to understand this piece of information? US customary device has fractions. In addition SI dimensions are only in power of 10s while US customary mechanism is not. Engineers must recognize this indevelopment or else they will finish through the wrong dimensions, which leads to  also bit or also huge designs.