As a teacher of world of all eras who want to learn to speak French, I am never before surprised as soon as my students ask me about poor words in French. In reality, also adults will ask me to teach them some fundamental French phrases, and also then little bit French slang to sound cool.

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It can be ammaking use of, of course, to be a bit naughty in a international language, since slang doesn’t bring the exact same impact in one more language as it does in your very own.

Then aget, not all French slang is bad, though. In reality, slang can also simply suppose that you’re utilizing colloquialisms, or words that are well-known in conversation, however may not be super formal. Which brings me to my following point…


When Using French Slang, Kcurrently Your Audience

One thing to save in mind is that you have to recognize who your audience is once utilizing French slang. How you attend to your mother or dad is various than how you resolve a potential employer. Can you imagine if you shelp to a friend’s parental fees, upon meeting them for the initially time, “Yo dog, what’s up?” It’s important to be selective once choosing which French vocabulary words you use.


And...Kcurrently Your Register With French Slang

Register is a fancy-pants term to describe the formality (or informality) of your spoken and written speech. You can seriously offfinish someone if you use the wrong register of speech. So reader, beware! The list listed below includes words that should be reserved for friends you recognize well, and also commonly younger human being (or at leastern those that are incredibly open-minded!). The French have the right to be more formal than Americans, so it"s also vital to store cultural differences in mind.


Don’t Forget: French Translation Is Tricky!

Selecting the best word goes past slang—sometimes words are just lost in translation. This happens once goes from English to French, as you may be doing, or French to English, also.


And Onwards, With Our Top 20 French Slang List!

Now that you know to think about via whom you"re utilizing these words and also in which instances (formal or informal), let"s get ideal dvery own to it! Here"s my height 20 French slang words for French learners!

Nul(le)If you’ve ever before played cards or watched a sporting occasion, you might have actually heard the term “nil.” This sophisticated term originates from Latin for “zero.” As it has made its means right into French, its become “nul” in the masculine create or “nulle.” If you have any type of French friends or have exercised finding out also standard French phrases, you’ve absolutely heard this one to mean stupid, dumb or worthmuch less. You have the right to also hear in French songs, “Il est trop nul!” as soon as a girl is trashing her ex. Master using “nul” and you will certainly sound prefer a native!


BouffeNot to be perplexed via a buffet (but is tright here a connection??), la bouffe is excellent ole food. Bouffer as a verb suggests to eat. As essential as fashion is to French culture, food also represents a significant French social college, so understand this one!

N’importe quoiThis is among my favorite French slang words. It’s such an excellent means to expush annoyance through someone by saying the French indistinguishable of “Whatever!” It deserve to be supplied by saying, “N’importe quoi” as in “Whatever!” to someone in an annoyed fashion, however it can also be used such as, “You’re doing whatever/a bunch of nonsense” (Tu fais beaucoup de n’importe quoi!”)

DégueulasseThis multi-vowel French slang word means disgusting. It deserve to be a little bit vulgar and is extremely informal, so be mindful using it. It’s basically an excellent means of saying, “Yuck!”

Ça baigneBaigner may be to bathe, however ça baigne isn’t fairly talking about taking a bath. It’s more of a way to say points are chill or everything is simply going swimmingly.

Avoir la flemmeWhile this French slang expression is, like a lot of of the others, extremely informal, it’s not inappropriate—it’s simply a method of saying that you’re feeling lazy.


BalleUne balle is technically a bullet, but simply as we have words favor cash, mula and bucks to describe what we pay through, the French have actually balle for money.

BGPop culture constantly produces a ton of fun means of talking about beautiful people. Beau gosse, or beautiful son, is actually a method of talking about a warm male.

Je te kiffeKiffer is to favor or love, so je te kiffe is I favor you or I love you.

Gamin(e)This is a cutesy word for a kid or a kid. The feminine is gamine, and the masculine is gamin.

BosserWhether this word originates from the English word “boss” is unlikely, yet the two are connected—bosser is to job-related hard. J’ai bossé toute la nuit sur ma redaction would be a good way to talk about functioning tough on a file.


CrevéLiterally interpretation to burst or to puncture, this impressive word can likewise be provided through “être crevé(e)” to amount up the feeling of being dead exhausted. “Je suis crevé, moi!” is an excellent informal yet super prevalent expressions.

Une ClôpeThe French have actually a background of being huge smokers, which is why this synonym for une cigarette is such a good one to understand.

DraguerWhile draguer literally indicates to drag via the water, it’s currently familiarly provided to suppose “to hit on.” An instance can be, “Il essaie de draguer a femme,” he is trying to hit on the womale.

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PiquerPiquer is what a mosquito does when it stings you, but it likewise means in French slang “to steal.” “Il m’a piqué mon portefeuille!” (He stole my wallet!)

NickelThis is a brand-new one to me, yet I thought it proved a great example of appropriating an English word to intend something that is really good.



Now that you have all of these impressive French slang words under your belt, it"s time to go out and practice them! That means you need to not only speak, but listen, too!! To really capture the context of slang, it"s ideal to watch TV, watch French movies, read pop literary works, uncover a French penpal, and of course, use"s amazing coaches who will certainly assist you to get the pronunciation of slang words ideal. Throw some of these slang words out in a conversation, and also at finest, you"ll sucount be taken as a aboriginal. At worst, you"ll acquire a laugh from your listener and have actually a fun conversation. That"s the goal, right?