Columbia Station is a quaint community in Ohio, around 30 minutes from Cleveland also. Although frequently described as Columbia Station, the location is officially called Columbia Township, or just Columbia.

It earned its nickname prior to the mid-twentieth century when townships were recognized by their post office name. Columbia Township’s short article office was hoprovided within the train terminal, therefore the name, “Columbia Station.”

Columbia Station is the easternthe majority of of Lorain County’s townships, wbelow the west branch of the Rocky River and Plum Creek trickle through the township from southern to north.

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Today, the fairly small neighborhood enjoys a comfortable way of life surrounded by excellent institutions and plenty of points to carry out, consisting of golf, shopping, dining, parks, redevelopment, and also entertainment.

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Things to carry out in Columbia Station

One of the most popular pastimes in Columbia Station is golf, made apparent by the eight public and exclusive golf courses and country clubs within the township, and also dozens even more in neighboring locations.

Shopping has actually a far-ranging affect in the Columbia Station location, boasting 4 malls within ten miles. The surrounding malls include Grand also Pacific Junction Historic Shopping District, Southpark Mall (and movie theater), Great Northern Mall, and also Crocker Park.

There’s a unique combicountry of eclectic menus to pick from in Columbia Station’s many type of restaurants. Enjoy neighborhood favorites prefer Joy’s Pizzeria and also Grill, Smoking Bean Cafe and also BBQ, Bootlegger’s Grille, Barbarino’s Restaurant, West River Cafe, and also even more.


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Columbia Reservation, which opened up in 2003, spans 409 acres of wetland also reservation, created ponds roughly watermeans flowing along the west branch of the Rocky River. The park offers miles of trails, a playground, miniature golf, an outdoor movie theater, and also a concessions stand.

Columbia Township Park caters to sports, fitness, and fun. The park is equipped through seven baseball and softround fields, two tennis courts, two basketround courts, a volleyround court, fitness track, horseshoe pits, a playground collection, and also six pavilions.

Ten minutes from tvery own is the Swings-N-Things Fun Park. This double-decker play area offers arcade games and also prizes, and also batting cperiods, bumper watercrafts, go-karts, and miniature golf. Swings -N- Things Fun Park additionally has paintsphere, a Kids Korner, and also more.

The venue is appropriate for birthday parties, specifically through the in-home shop, The Ice Creamery. There are additionally picnic pavilions and options for group outings.

And, via its proximity to Cleveland, there’s a civilization of adendeavor best outside your dooraction.

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Education in Columbia Station

The Columbia Local School District governs students living in Columbia Station who attend public colleges.

Within the district, there’s one elementary school: Copopa Elementary, one middle school: Columbia Center School, and one high school: Columbia High.

Tright here are no private colleges straight in the township, however there are dozens to pick from in the bordering locations.

Higher education is conveniently attainable as tright here are several colleges and also colleges within 100 miles of Columbia Station.

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The Climate in Columbia Station

All four periods burst via colorful colors in Columbia Station, developing the perfect setting for indoor and also outdoor tasks.

For fun in the sun, Columbia Station receives around 163 days per year of sunshine. High summer temperatures in Columbia Station float at roughly 84 levels.


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The area receives around 138 days per year with some develop of measurable precipitation, which jointly quantities to 39 inches of rain and 52 inches of scurrently.

Winter temperatures in Columbia Station drop to below freezing at 21 levels, perfect conditions for snowround fights, and also sledding.

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Transportation in Columbia Station

While tright here isn’t a bus mechanism that runs through Columbia station, tright here are curb-to-curb solutions accessible with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare solutions.

Air travelers have options. The Columbia Airport is a privately owned airport made accessible for public usage.

The Columbia-Hopkins Internationwide Airport is likewise conveniently located nearby.

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Living in Columbia Station

Just under 10,000 occupants are making themselves comfortably at house in Columbia Station’s 44028 zip code in Lorain County, Ohio.


Amongst its citizens, the median family revenue for Columbia Station is about 71, 400, much above the Ohio state median family members earnings of $54,021.

Columbia Station’s median house worth is approximately $209,000, compared to the state’s median house worth of $144,200.

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Columbia Station, Ohio, is a photo of quintimportant America where hard-functioning households celebprice life to the fullest. The area is chock complete of things to do indoors and out, year-round.Â

When you’re all set to clear up into your brand-new house, in a area that knows exactly how to live together, occupational together, learn together, and play together, consider relocating to Columbia Station, Ohio.

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