The Village of is positioned in the southern component of the Tvery own of Duanesburg, in Schenectady County. It lies in between the historical Cherry Valley Turnpike and one more highway when known as the Danforth Turnpike. Under the name of Delanboy, its history days ago only to the year 1893. The sister village of Quaker Street, New York, located roughly one-half mile to the south of Delanchild and also on the Danorth Turnpike, was the pioneer service facility serving the bordering territory before the era of the railroad transportation.

What is currently recognized as Delanboy was then described as Toad Hollow as a result of the reality that it lies to the head of the Normanability drainage location.

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The Albany type of and Susquehanna Railroad Company kind of, being authorized and organized by the State Legislature to construct a railroad from Albany kind of to Binghamton, constructed the railroad in sections. The first section extended from Albany type of to Central Bridge and its engineers, seeking a favorable grade, found the desired course passed with the upper component of the Normanability Valley which provided an boosted indicates of transportation for this vicinity. This initially section was built during the years 1861 to 1863 inclusive and also in the latter year, transport was establimelted in between the over called

points. To best serve the requirements of Quaker Street, a website was chosen for a terminal and other vital infrastructure. A terminal and also a freight house were erected on the east side of the highway crossing, in between specific tracks existing at that time. This suggest was provided the name Quaker Street Station.

The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company was arranged and also then expanded by buying or leasing railroads from Roprovides Point, New York to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and extfinishing the canal from Honesdale, Pennsylvania to Rondout, New York. The Albany kind of and also Susquehanna Railroad came to be the Susquehanna department of the Delconscious and also Hudkid Canal Company type of.

Later, the canal properties were marketed to Samuel Coykendall, who dropped the word “canal” from the corporation title.

 The Schenectady and Duanesburg Railroad, developed from Delankid to Schenectady connected with and became component of, the Susquehanna department of the Delaware and also Hudson Railroad at Delanboy. The development of this junction lugged enhanced tasks to this suggest, making it vital for more guys to be employed.

Homes were built for the railroad employees, and also a number of businesses opened up roughly them, including a coal business owned and operated by


Hicks Sheldon

Mr. Hicks Sheldon. Given the nature of railroad employment, the populace of the village was mostly of the transient kind, via employees coming to occupational for short times and leaving with development, promovement, or the desire to seek employment in adjacent Schenectady via its comprehensive enterprises. The transient nature of’s population accounts for the substantial lack of exact records from this period that provides it tough to record in true order the events contributing to the growth of the village.

During the decade preceding 1890 tbelow was considerable discussion over selecting a name for the negotiation. C. D. Hammond, who was superintendent of the Delmindful and Hudkid Railroad, named it Delanboy, coining the word from Delmindful and also Hudboy by taking the initially three letters of Delmindful (Del), the initially two of “and” (an), and also added the last 3 letters of Hudchild (son). Hence the name of this village readjusted, initially from Toad Hollow to Quaker Street Station, and also then, to Delankid.

Throughout the time of agitation for a name, and various other matters vital to a new area, the civilization ended up being conscious of their need for a area of worship. The reward of their efforts was the Methodist Episcopal Church, developed during the years 1877-78, which still stands. Its parsonage was developed in the year 1886, on the southern side of the church.


Methodist Church

The last portion of the railroad, Bainbridge to Binghamton, was completed in 1869, and through web traffic was establimelted, resulting in enhanced railroad task. In 1885 the first railroad station and the hay barn adjoining it burned, so immediately a brand-new terminal was put up on the current site. Building a brand-new terminal there necessitated the removal of the first crude strategy of refueling locomotives and also a turntable to a new place. About 1900 a significantly enhanced refueling plant with coal storage facilities was developed to replace the previous one. It operated till 1929 when the refueling of engines was disongoing at Delanboy.

Prior to 1920, tright here were, from time to time, serious discussions on fire protection and also the question of establishing a fire district and incorporating the village. Organization of a volunteer fire department took location in 1920, complied with in 1921 by the incorporation of the village.

 A small hand-attracted hose cart and also chemical apparatus were purchased; later a motorized pumper was bought.

Mr. R. A. Babcock was the first president of the village. Under his supervision, and also with the assist of a gradual board of trustees, the Village Hall, which likewise housed the fire-fighting tools and also headquarters for the fire department, was built. The job, started in 1922, was completed in 1923. In 1925, the Fulton County Gas and Electric Company type of establimelted business in the village, offering street lights and electrical present for residential use.

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Village of Fire Hall

With the development of highmethods and the auto, and the decline of the railroadways in the mid-20th century, Delanchild adjusted from a commercial to a residential, “bedroom” village. Railroad personnel moved on, yet families relocated to to occupy their homes. Many kind of villagers simply choose living in even more of a nation setting, also though their employment is discovered elsewhere, mainly in the cities of Schenectady and Albany kind of.