These coins fit over a normal sized duplicate and also will look prefer one coin. Features of Tango shells is that the rims are constantly completely right, not angled out (as that’s a poor thing). We likewise admire that the rims come virtually all the method dvery own to almost entirely cover the coin they nest over.

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Select the shell coins that you"d choose to purchase below and then click the "Add to Cart" button below:

American coins (expanded)

Expanded Shell - Quarter ($30.00) Expanded Shell - Half Dollar (Heads) ($34.00) Expanded Covering - Half Dollar (Tails) ($34.00) Expanded Covering - Half Dollar (Two Sided) ($36.00) Expanded Covering - John Adams Dollar ($39.00) Expanded Covering - Half Dollar (Low Silver) ($50.00) Expanded Covering - Eisenhower Dollar ($58.00) Expanded Covering - Replica Walking Liberty Half Dollar (w/ 4 Matching Coins) ($59.00) Expanded Covering - Copper Mbody organ (w/ 4 Matching Coins) ($60.00) Expanded Shell - Replica Mbody organ Dollar (w/ 4 corresponding coins) ($65.00) Expanded Shell - Walking Liberty Half Dollar ($100.00) Expanded Covering - 1964 Half Dollar ($120.00) Expanded Covering - Mbody organ Dollar ($200.00)

Amerideserve to coins (super-expanded)

Super Expanded Shell - Quarter ($30.00) Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar (Heads) ($40.00) Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar (Tails) ($40.00)

Amerideserve to coins (steel shim)

Shim Shell - Quarter ($14.95) Shim Covering - Half Dollar ($16.00) Shim Shell - Quarter - Expanded ($32.00) Shim Shell (Expanded) - Half Dollar ($36.00) Shim Covering - Eisenhower Dollar ($60.00)

American coins (slippery Sam style)

Slippery Expanded Covering - Quarter ($30.00) Slippery Expanded Shell - Half Dollar ($38.00) Slippery Expanded Shell - Eisenhower Dollar ($58.00) Slippery Expanded Shell - Walking Liberty Half Dollar ($80.00) Slippery Expanded Shell - Mbody organ Silver Dollar ($170.00)

Euros (expanded)

Expanded Covering - 20 Euro Cents ($27.00) Expanded Covering - 50 Euro Cents ($37.50) Expanded Covering - 2 Euro ($60.00)

Euros (steel shim)

Shim Covering - 50 Euro Cents ($30.00) Shim Covering - 1 Euro ($33.00) Shim Covering - 1 Euro ($57.00) Shim Covering - 2 Euro ($63.00)

Chinese coins (expanded)

Expanded Shell - Chinese Coin (Blue) ($29.95) Expanded Covering - Chinese Coin (Yellow) ($29.95)

English coins

Expanded Shell - English Penny ($35.00)

American coins (shell sets)

Perfect Shell Coin Set - Quarter (Not Expanded) ($100.00) Perfect Covering Coin Set - Half Dollar (Not Expanded) ($120.00) Perfect Covering Coin Set - Eisenhower Dollar (Not Expanded) ($130.00)

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Types of Shell

Expanded Shells An increased shell is a coin shell that fits over a continual coin. Many years ago, you would must buy a shell and a milled down down to fit it, yet nowadays an broadened shell is the typical shell for the majority of magic tricks.

Super Expanded Shells The "super" broadened shell is intended to fit over a typical increased shell. In this means you can nest 3 coins in what appears to be just one coin.

Slippery Sam Shells A Slippery Sam Covering is often provided for routines such as Three-Fly. In this gimmick only fifty percent of the edge of the coin is continuing to be, permitting you to slide the coin right into the shell and have actually it "lock" in area only once completely nested. This form of gimmick was popularized by Steve Dusheck and developed by Edward Bagshawe in the late 1920s.

Shim Shell Shim Shells are expanded shells that have actually a thin piece of steel concealed inside that enable them to be attracted by a magnet. These have the right to then be supplied in conjuction with gimmicks such as a Raven to steal ameans the shell.

Repairing a shell

Stuck shell? Or should expand it a small more? Read our blog article to learn exactly how to repair an exapnded shell.

A turtle?

It appears that Penn & Teller"s use of the word "turtle" to to describe a coin shell on their Fool Us tv show has relocated right into basic magic terminology and also many newcomers to magic currently use that word in area of a shell.

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