You can generally tell what form Pokémon are by looks alone, yet that"s far from universally true. These ten Pokémon don"t resemble their type at all!

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A lot of Pokémon look simply like the type they are. For instance, Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon and, well, it looks like one. Pikachu is bideal yellow via a lightning bolt-shaped tail and looks exactly prefer we could expect an Electric-type Pokémon to look.

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While Pikachu looks precisely favor we would certainly mean an Electric-type Pokémon to look, tbelow are likewise a lot of Pokémon that look nothing prefer their form. Although looking at a Pokémon can frequently tell you what kind it"s going to be, tbelow are some that have a pretty unique look to them and then... are not the kind that they seem prefer they"d be.

To watch 10 Pokémon that look nothing like their kind, store reading!

Updated January 21st, 2020: To day, there are nearly 900 Pokémon in the Pokédex! Although they might not all have actually made it into Pokémon Sword & Shield, the release of this brand-new generation of Pokémon has actually us reasoning about some of our favorites that have been added to the franchise. Tbelow are so many type of of them that look favor they must be a various type that we determined to come earlier and also include a couple of more!


Charizard is a Pokémon that was presented in the first generation of the Pokémon franchise. It"s the final evolutionary phase of Charmander, among the 3 starter Pokémon that showed up in the Kanto region. Although Charizard does not evolve aobtain, it can Mega Evolve with the use of different Charizardite Mega Stones.

If a player uses a Charizardite X on their Charizard, it will certainly evolve up into Mega Charizard X. Mega Evolving boosts its stats and also makes it even even more powerful, however it likewise renders it blue and black. However before, it stays a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. With its dragon-prefer appearance and also blue accents, this Pokémon definitely looks more choose it should be an Ice/Dragon-type Pokémon.

Nihilego is a dual-kind Rock/Poison Pokémon that was presented in Generation VII of the Pokémon franchise. It"s one of the Ultra Beasts and goes by the code name UB-01 Symbiont.

Despite the reality that this Pokémon is a Rock/Poison-form, it definitely does not look favor it. This Pokémon looks more like an ethereal jellyfish-favor creature from outerarea. The Ultra Beasts are really distinct, so the reality that it does not look like its form renders feeling. Still, Nihilego looks a lot more prefer it need to be a Fairy/Water-type Pokémon.

Zygarde is a unique Pokémon bereason of the reality that it has actually a couple of various Formes. Regardless of the Forme that Zygarde takes on, this Legendary Pokémon continues to be a Dragon/Ground-form.

This Pokémon was initially presented in Generation VI, but Pokémon Sun & Moon got two added Formes of Zygarde in the game. This Legendary Pokémon has actually a black and lime green body and a snake-favor body. Due to the fact that of this Pokémon"s coloring and snake-prefer appearance, it definitely looks a lot more choose a Dark/Poison-type Pokémon.

12 Solrock

Solrock is a dual-kind Rock/Psychic Pokémon that was presented in Generation III of the Pokémon franchise. This Pokémon looks pretty similar to the sun with its ovariety, round body and the yellow ray-like appendages that come out from approximately its entire body.

This Pokémon is a equivalent to Lunatone, another Rock/Psychic Pokémon that looks a lot prefer the moon. Considering the reality that Solrock and also Lunatone are clearly designed to look choose the sunlight and also moon, it"s pretty unexplained that they"re both just Rock/Psychic Pokémon. Solrock would make method even more sense as a Rock/Fire-type Pokémon.

Lugia is a Psychic/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II of the Pokémon franchise. This Pokémon is one fifty percent of the Tower Duo alongside Ho-Oh. Although the Flying-form part of this Pokémon is clear given that it has big wings and also is a bird, the Psychic-form half is what looks out of area.

Considering the Pokémon franchise"s lore describes Lugia as the "guardian of the seas" while Ho-Oh is the "guardian of the skies," having actually Lugia not be a Water-form appears so out of location.

10 Charizard

Charizard is one Pokémon that almost looks choose the form it is. Charizard is the last development of Charmander, one of the three starter Pokémon from Generation I of the Pokémon franchise. It"s obvious from this Pokémon"s bappropriate oarray shade and also flaming tail that it"s a Fire-type Pokémon, right?

And based on the remainder of its appearance, someone that isn"t familiar via this Pokémon would certainly most likely assume that it"s also a Dragon-type Pokémon, right? It has those substantial wings, the lengthy clegislations, and also simply mainly looks favor a dragon. But nope! Charizard is a dual-kind Fire/Flying Pokémon and is somehow not a Dragon-form.

Stunfisk is a Pokémon that is based upon a kind of fish known as the Stargazer. These fish are well-known for laying in the sea floor, hiding in the sand, and attacking their prey from below. Stunfisk looks exactly prefer one with its semi-flat body and eyes and also mouth that are on the optimal of its head.

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Stunfisk looks specifically favor a real-life fish and is typically uncovered hidden in the sea shores roughly the Pokémon civilization, so it"s certainly a Water-form, right? Nope. Despite being a fish, this Pokémon is a dual-type Ground/Electric Pokémon.

8 Sudowoodo

Sudowooexecute is a Pokémon that was presented in Generation II. This Pokémon evolves up from Bonsly and also looks simply choose a tree via two branches for arms. Considering this Pokémon"s appearance, there"s no method it"s anypoint yet a Ground-form or Grass-type Pokémon, right? Maybe it has some Fairy-type or Psychic-type in there to account for just how distinctive looking it is?

Wrong. This Pokémon, despite looking just like a tree, is a pure Rock-type Pokémon. Its name is kind of a pun. Sudowooexecute sounds similar to "psueperform wood" which is fitting because it looks prefer it have to be made of lumber and then it isn"t.

Luxray is another Pokémon that looks type of favor its type, but then sort of does not. Just looking at this Pokémon"s bbest yellow patches and also spiky hair and tail provides ameans the fact that it"s an Electric-type Pokémon, right? But then the black fur all over definitely looks prefer this Pokémon should be a dual-type Dark/Electric Pokémon.

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If that black fur fooled you into reasoning this Pokémon is a Dark/Electric dual-type Pokémon, then you"re wrong. This Pokémon is pudepend Electric-kind, despite looking just like many type of of our favorite Dark-type Pokémon.

6 Florges

Gyarados is a Pokémon that was presented in Generation I of the Pokémon franchise and also evolves up from Magikarp. This Pokémon is absolutely substantial and also pretty terrifying because of its rate and also dimension. It looks specifically prefer a traditional Chinese dragon and appears choose it would certainly most likely be a dual-form Dragon/Water Pokémon, right?

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Even though this massive Pokémon might look prefer all the conventional art we"ve viewed of dragons from Chinese mythology, it"s not a Dragon-form at all. This Pokémon is a dual-type Water/Flying Pokémon instead.

4 Flygon

With Flygon"s green body, massive wings, and also mostly insect-like appearance, there"s no way that anyone can be puzzled around what kind this Pokémon is. The only point that has us torn is deciding which 2 forms it can be. Flying/Grass? Bug/Dragon? The selections are endmuch less, however it"s plainly some combicountry of those.

...Or is it? In spite of looking prefer a huge, flying insect, Flygon is actually not a Bug-type Pokémon at all. But it"s green, so it"s still a Grass-kind, right? Nope. Instead, this Pokémon is a dual-type Ground/Dragon Pokémon.

Dhelmise is an instance of some of the even more unusual and unique Pokémon that have actually been added to the franchise in recent years. This Pokémon was presented in Generation VII and looks simply favor an anchor - and also an old one, with all the seaweed stuck to it and the cracks in its body.

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Due to the fact that it"s an anchor, this Pokémon is definitely a Water-form, right? And given that it"s an inanimate object, we deserve to guess it"s probably also a Ghost-type. If that sounds best to you, you"d be fifty percent correct. But, instead of being a Ghost/Water Pokémon, Dhelmise is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon. We"re totally on board via the Ghost-type component, but the Grass-form is throwing us off.

2 Psyduck

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In the Pokémon anime series, Psyduck is presented to be... Well, rather usemuch less. Sorry, Psyduck, yet it"s true. This Pokémon constantly has actually a headache and also never stops grabbing onto its head bereason of that!

Due to the fact that this Pokémon looks choose a duck, it"s obvious that it"s going to be a Water-type Pokémon. But, the stance that it constantly has through its hands on its head and also its constant headaches renders it seem choose this Pokémon is additionally going to be a Psychic-type Pokémon, right? Nope. This Pokémon is a pure Water-form, despite its heavy emphasis on its head.

Turtonator was presented in Generation VII and is a Pokémon that looks just choose a really cool turtle. Even its name is comparable to the word "turtle" with the "turt" in the start. This Pokémonhas actually a tough shell with babsence, yellow, and also red details on it that match the rest of its body. It"s noticeable that this Pokémon is a Fire-type Pokémon, yet it"s hard to decide what type best fits the turtle part of this Pokémon"s appearance.

Rock, Water, or Ground would all fit really well. Rock-form because of its solid shell, Water-form because turtles live in the water, or Ground-type bereason some turtles spfinish the majority of time out of water also. So, which one is Turtonator? None. Somehow, this Pokémon is actually a dual-form Fire/Dragon Pokémon.