So a pair weeks ago, I released an post about an education and learning student from Belgium that shed 40 lbs while going to college.

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This short article was really well-received and also so I wanted to execute an additional case study and present you what’s feasible going in the various other direction… bulking.

After searching reddit for 30 minutes or so (and also acquiring a great chuckle from /r/tinder), I came throughout a quick transdevelopment from a redditor on /r/fitness entitled…

“First semester at college transdevelopment (Pics)”

I was sucked in so I clicked through.

You have the right to check out from the header photo, that this man completed a fantastic lean bulk THE RIGHT WAY, and in this write-up, I’m going to share exactly exactly how he did it and also why his strategy deserve to job-related for you as well.

Meet Redditor Connorcook13

This 19 year-old male redditor stands at exactly 6 ft tall and weighs 170 lbs.

However… that’s not exactly how he began.

He’s an electric engineering student and before he started his initially semester in college, he weighed 160 lbs and also his primary physical hobby was swimming.

He still lifted weights, however revealed that it was additional to swimming.

But what’s great around his transdevelopment is that he ssuggest made lifting his major hobby, chose to take things sluggish, and also acquired 10 lbs with the majority of the weight being lean muscle.

So just how did he train in the gym to get this kind of muscle?

Here’s What His Training Program Looked Like

Like I simply mentioned, connorcook13 percreated strength training in the gym to attain maximum muscle stimulation and development.

He offers even more detail as soon as he says…

I simply invested my initially semester ameans from house at college, I supplied a powerstructure split via each huge lift twice a week and accessories for the first lift of each day.

Powerbuilding is a training style that combines hefty lifting from typical powerlifting programs and also higher-rep, reduced intensity work supplied in typical bodystructure programs.

You deserve to framework your very own power structure routine prefer the examples provided on T-Nation to accomplish your very own schedule goals.

But here’s a layout of how connercook13 actually structured his weekly training sessions.


Bench push 5 x 5Bench assistance exercise #1Bench assistance exercise #2Bench assistance exercise #3Front squat 5 x 5


Deadlift 5 x 5Deadlift assistance exercise #1Deadlift assistance exercise #2Deadlift assistance exercise #3Overhead push 5 x 5




Front squat 5 x 5Squat assistance exercise #1Squat assistance exercise #2Squat assistance exercise #3Bench push 5 x 5


Overhead push 5 x 5Overhead press assistance exercise #1Overhead push assistance exercise #2Overhead push assistance exercise #3Deadlift 5 x 5

He didn’t point out what rep plan he provided for the assistance exercises were, yet it might as well have actually been something simple choose 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

But he didn’t sheight there…

He Kept the Fat at Bay via Cardio

Alall set I’m impressed via the training program he embraced because of the volume and time connected.

And if that wasn’t sufficient, he managed to integrate a regular cardio schedule too!

However, he provided his brain and supplied cardio as a means to:

Practice what he enjoysTravel

Swimming was His “Go-To”

This Reddit user discussed that he provided to swim in high school, so returning to the water every Wednesday was most likely a no-brainer for him.

Hell, swimming not just acts as an aggressive cardio task, yet you’re gonna job-related a crap-pack of muscles at the same time as well.

But then he was smart and also supplied his second form of cardio to mesh with his college schedule…

Biking was his Transportation to Class

While the rest of his classmates were driving or taking the bus to course, connercook13 was cycling prefer a pro.

And this wasn’t a quick one mile bike ride either.

Just see his weekly schedule…

MWF – Bike 6 milesTR – Bike 3 miles

In instance you’re interested in biking around campus, this college student guide to biking by skyforce95 is a great begin.

So this is what this particular engineering student did to stimulate muscle growth…

…yet what did he eat to fuel his body?


The Things He Ate to Gain Muscle

On the surface, most nutrition plans have the right to seem overly complicated:

Don’t eat carbs 2 hours prior to bedOnly eat entirety grain carbsOnly eat healthy fatsWait, don’t eat any fat at all

In spite of all the conflicting information and messy, too much diets the internet has to market, right here was the straightforward breakdown of this college student’s diet…

I had a meal setup from the university so I just tried to eat 170g of protein a day and limit my carbs and also fats as much as I can. I used a whey shake after eincredibly workout and some casein before bed.

Let’s break acomponent each statement and also explains why it works…

He Ate 170g of Protein Per Day

Now it’s no coincidence that “170” happens to be connorcook13’s finishing body weight after bulking up.

In reality, he most likely calculated his day-to-day protein intake by his targain body weight.

This is a solid way to make sure you obtain sufficient protein in your device for the function of structure brand-new mass.

Example: Grams of protein per day = Target body weight in lbs x 1

In instance you’re came to that his protein intake is as well high, it’s actually extremely common to use this sort of calculation for structure new, lean muscle tissue.

Research prefer this reflects that high-performance athletes need raised quantities of protein in order to proactively build new lean muscle tconcern.

Addressing Why He “Limited Carbs and also Fats” (as Much as He Could)

So I might not completely agree via his statement around “limiting carbs and also fats” bereason then that just leaves you with an “all-protein diet”…

…but I assume that this Redditor was utilizing this simple preeminence to control 2 things:

1. How frequently he ate “unclean” foods

It have the right to be difficult to in college to acquire your hands on foodstuffs that meet your goals (especially on a meal plan), however I imagine this was one of his intentions.

He more than likely wanted to make lean sources of protein his highest priority and then enable for extra macros that didn’t guideline the scale in the direction of a combination of high fat + high carbs.

This have the right to regularly lead to undesirable fat acquire throughout a bulk.

But another point he probably wanted to regulate was…

2. How many type of calories he was consuming

He claims that it took him 6 months to gain 10 lbs.

That’s around 0.38 lb of weight gained per week.

This appears like a form of Lean Gains to take the weight acquire very sluggish in order to minimize body fat acquire while still packing on muscle.

And being extremely mindful of your carb and also fat intake was his approach to inadvertently save his calories under control.

But let’s relocate on to his next statement on nutrition…

He Drank a Whey Shake Post-Workout

This tactic was more than likely vital for connorcook13 to make sure he consumed enough protein each day.

And the timing of the shake may have improved protein synthesis over those 6 months.

According to, a site dedicated to stimulating top performance with supplements and information…

Whey protein is a very bioaccessible protein that boasts fast absorption prices. This provides it an ideal protein for post-workout recoincredibly.

I’ve supplied PE Science powders in the past bereason they’re so freaking delicious, however you have the right to use any supplepsychological whey protein that you prefer.

He Drank Casein Protein Shakes Before Bed

Like I mention in my previous write-up, Casein vs Whey – Which Protein is Better for Building Muscle?, the main distinction between these 2 proteins is tbelow absorption prices.

And this design student is leveraging the slow-moving absorption of casein protein in the time of a allude in the day as soon as your body is in a prolonged anabolic state.

That’s why PHD Layne Norton says in this article on

Casein, favor whey, is straightforward to use and deserve to be consumed any type of time of the day. However before, due to casein’s slow digestion and amino acid release, it’s mainly taken once you might be without food for a lengthy period of time.

Here are Some More Takeamethods for Students Trying to Build Lean Muscle

I hope you took pleasure in this breakdvery own of this specific Redditor’s training and also nutrition arrangement in order to efficiently add 10 lbs to his body through incredibly minimal fat get.

But I have a few more lessons that I pulled out that may not have been explicitly sassist in his original post:

You’re Never before as Busy as You Think You Are

I’ve heard from multiple human being including world-document powerlifter Jordan Syatt, that you might possibly have actually MORE totally free time in college than you carry out once you graduate.

Let that sink in.

In the majority of instances, it might not be “how busy you are” that’s holding you earlier from reaching your fitness objectives.

Instead it’s a lot of likely your flawed priorities.

If you’re still unsure, Tanner Chidester has some extremely helpful advice in this video once offered the complaint, “I don’t have time to workout.”

Lean Bulking Takes Time

There are really 2 approaches to muscle gain:

Eat much less, build stamina and also muscle slowly, and minimize body fat obtain.

As I’ve stated multiple times, this electric design student got 10 lbs (of greatly muscle), yet it took him 6 months.

That’s 0.38 lb per week.

If you desire to have actually similar results as his, you must be OK through the procedure going progressively.

That’s simply the cold, tough truth.


Give Enough Priority to Compound Lifts

In all 4 of his workouts, he performs 2 major compound lifts making use of 5 sets of 5 reps that balances volume and intensity.

This is an excellent strategy for bulking.

Compound lifts favor bench push, squats, and deadlifts should be the dominant exercises in whatever workout you do.

Don’t fool yourself right into reasoning that you need to prioritize your biceps and do dumbbell curls initially once you hit the gym.

Here’s an excellent instance of the major compound lifts you must be doing as Troy defines in this video from Weight Gain Netoccupational.

What Do You Think of this Transformation?

Personally, I desire to congratulate connorcook13 on his lean 10 lbs obtained.

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I think it was extremely well thought-out and also executed and also was a fair challenge for a college student living ameans from residence for the initially time.