The azimuthal equiremote estimate preserves both distance and direction from the main point. The civilization is muzic-ivan.infojected onto a level surface from any suggest on the world. Although all facets are feasible (equatorial, polar, and also oblique), the one muzic-ivan.infovided a lot of typically is the polar facet, in which all meridians and parallels are separated equally to keep the equifar-off residential muzic-ivan.infoperty.

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It is thought that the forecast was initially muzic-ivan.infovided by Egyptians for star charts. It is easily accessible in 1.0 and later and also in Desktop 8.0 and also later on.

The azimuthal equiremote map estimate focused on the North Pole is displayed.

muzic-ivan.infojection muzic-ivan.infoperties

The subsections listed below explain the azimuthal equifar-off muzic-ivan.infojection muzic-ivan.infoperties.


Azimuthal equifar-off is an is azimuthal estimate.

In the polar facet, the meridians muzic-ivan.infoject as straight linesoriginating at the pole, and angles in between them are true. The parallelsare presented as equally spaced concentric circular arcs. All graticuleline intersections are 90°. The opposite pole is muzic-ivan.infojected as a circleand also presents the edge of the map. The graticule is symmetric.

In the equatorial facet, the equator and also main meridian aremuzic-ivan.infojected as 2 perpendicular right lines. Two meridians, 90°eastern and west of the central meridian, muzic-ivan.infoject as a circle. Othermeridians are facility curves, equally spaced along the equator. Allparallels are equally spaced along the main meridian and also themeridians 90° east and west of the main meridian. Their complexcurves are concave towards the nearemainder pole. Both poles muzic-ivan.infoject aspoints. The antipodal suggest of the muzic-ivan.infojection"s facility jobs asa circle and presents the edge of the map. The graticule issymmetric throughout the equator and also the main meridian.

In the oblique case, only the main meridian and antimeridiantask as right lines. Other meridians and also parallels arecomplex curves. Meridians intersect at poles, which are muzic-ivan.infojected aspoints. Parallels are equally spaced alengthy the central meridian.The antipodal point of the muzic-ivan.infojection"s facility jobs as a circleand presents the edge of the map. The graticule is symmetric acrossthe central meridian.


This muzic-ivan.infojection preserves both distance and also direction from the main suggest. Scale is true just alengthy straight lines radiating from the facility of the map. On polar aspect, this is alengthy the meridians. Otherwise, form, scale, and area distortion increase exterior from the facility suggest. Distortion symmetry follows the symmetry of the graticule.


Although the estimate have the right to screen the whole globe, its valuable intake is often restricted to a hemispright here. This muzic-ivan.infojection is a lot of frequently used for maps of polar regions and paths of air and also sea navigating with apmuzic-ivan.infopriate facet. The oblique facet is sometimes used for vital cities and also their bordering area.


There are 2 variants available in The azimuthal equifar-off variant has been obtainable since 1.0 and also Deskpeak 8.0.The azimuthal equifar-off auxiliary sphere variant has actually been obtainable because 1.0 and Desktop 9.3. This variant does not support the ellipsoid and also supplies sphere-based equations via a spbelow mentioned by a user making use of the Auxiliary Sphere Type parameter. True distance and direction from the main point is not kept as soon as an ellipsoid is offered in this variant.


The azimuthal equidistant variant is the just variant of this forecast that supports ellipsoids.


Azimuthal equiremote parameters are as follows: False Easting False NorthingCentral MeridianLatitude Of Origin

Azimuthal equiremote auxiliary spright here parameters are as follows: False Easting False NorthingCentral MeridianLatitude Of OriginAuxiliary Sphere Type, with values as follows:0 = usage semimajor axis or radius of the geographical coordinate system1 = usage semiminor axis or radius2 = calculate and usage authalic radius3 = use authalic radius and convert geodetic latitudes to authalic latitudes


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