Here are colt, foal, young ass and connected words in the Bible. What does the resource Hebrew word עַיִר mean and just how is it provided in the Bible? Below are the English definition details. Also below are examples within Holy bible verses highlighted in yellow (follow this attach to go there). Tap or float on blue, underlined words to view even more original scripture and also definitions. Indevelopment sourced from Strong"s Concordance<1>.

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Definition Details

Strong"s Number: H5895

Hebrew Base Word: עַיִר

Part of speech: Noun Masculine

Usage: (ass) colt, foal, young ass

Definition: Properly, a young ass (as just damaged to a load); hence an ass-colt.

Detailed definition: He-ass, male ass.

Derived terms: From H5782 in the sense of raising (i.e., bearing a burden).

Pronunciation:Biblical International Phonetic Alphabet: ʕɑˈjɪrModern International Phonetic Alphabet: ʕɑˈjiʁTransliteration: ʿayirBiblical Pronunciation: ah-YIRModern Pronunciation: ah-YEER

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