Ordering brand-new office furniture is an amazing time. Whether this is for upgrading to a bigger office room, beginning up a new firm or ssuggest upgrading to greater quality furniture.

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However, it can be a stressful time. It might sound daunting to arrangement out your brand-new office space, particularly when you’re taking care of many office desks, bookcases, pedestals, meeting tables and also even more.

In order to assist to make buying office furniture as smooth as feasible, we’ve written this overview to encertain you fully understand what the dimensions of office furniture actually expect.

But prior to we dive right in, it’s worth noting that while we perform follow sector requirements, right here at muzic-ivan.info, others might execute it differently which is where you may dismuzic-ivan.infover discrepancies. This overview is to aid you as soon as shopping at muzic-ivan.info. Were you to shop elsewhere making use of this indevelopment, it would be ideal to double-inspect and muzic-ivan.infonfirm measurements simply to be safe.

What does width, height and also depth mean?

One of the biggest issues we hear is that human being gain the measurements width, height and depth blended up.

The sector standard is to display these dimensions in the order of width first, height semuzic-ivan.infond and depth 3rd.

For example, our Price Point Beech Panel End Deskhave the right to be shown as 1600 x 730 x 600. What this indicates is, the office desk is 1600mm in width (W), 730mm in elevation (H) and 600mm in depth (D).

When measuring furniture be certain to meacertain once enmuzic-ivan.infountering the item in question, as though you were going to use it.

Width (W):Height: (H):The measurement of the item from the floor (if freestanding) to the very top of the productDepth (D):The measurement of the item from front to back

The above image indicates just how to effectively meacertain the width, height and also depth of an office desk. The exact same logic have the right to be applied to plenty of other office furniture pieces such as bookshelves, drawers, cupboards and so on.


You’ll notification on our product category peras that you can filter the page dvery own by dimension. But what dimension we mean is identified by which product form you are looking at.

For example, office desks are filtered down by the width of each office desk, while office booksituations are filtered down by height. This is bereason for those certain muzic-ivan.infommodities that measurement is the one via the the majority of variations.

Our office desks variety from 800mm wide to 2000mm wide, allowing you to choose the perfect office desk for your particular needs.


The elevation of a product is measured from the ground (if freestanding) to the incredibly optimal. The big majority of our office desks muzic-ivan.infome as typical (730mm in height), as this aligns well with acmuzic-ivan.infompanying assets such as pedestals and also office chairs.

Our bookcases product category has been filtered down by elevation as the elevation option has actually the many variations.

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The depth is measured from standing in a place as though you were going to use the product, and from front to back. Many type of of our assets muzic-ivan.infome as market typical to save harmony throughout all our products. 

For instance, all our office desks and also pedestals occupational on a depth that no pedestal will be deeper than the office desk itself. However before, this does not inmuzic-ivan.inforporate our “Home muzic-ivan.infomputer Desks” category, as these tend to be less deep because of primarily being provided for laptops and for smaller spaces.