We all have those friends – the ones that short article status updays repeatedly throughout the day, overwhelming your news feed via images of their breakquick croissant, photos of their dogs, their grocery list, and also the latest viral videos. You prefer this frifinish and desire to continue to be in touch, but you’re simply not interested in eextremely single information of their daily life.

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Here’s an updated approach for maintaining someone’s updates off your news feed. You’ll still share your updates through these friends if you pick, but you additionally have actually a simple way to restrict sharing on a case-by-situation basis.

(This is an alternate to the information found here for “Distancing yourself from a Facebook friend without Unfriending”).

What is a Facebook List?

Facebook lists are an “optional method to organize friends so you have the right to regulate what you view in your News Feed and article updays to specific people”. Facebook provides your 3 ready-made lists.

Use the Close Friends list for friends who have to show up more in News Feed.Use the Acquaintances list for friends who must present up less in News Feed.

The nice thing around these lists is that your frifinish will certainly NOT recognize if you have actually included them into one of these lists. You deserve to also create tradition lists.

Here’s just how to add a friend to your Acquaintances list (so you’ll watch fewer of their annoying write-ups.)

On the Desktop variation (viewing Facebook in a internet web browser on your computer):

1. Go to your friend’s timeline page by clicking on their name.

2. Hover over the Friends switch and also choose “Acquaintances”. You’ll currently watch an icon beside the word “Friends”, which suggests that this frifinish is on your Acquaintances list.


Mobile variation (making use of the Facebook application on a mobile device):

1. In the Facebook application, initially go to your friend’s timeline. Click the “Friends” switch and also you’ll see the following selections appear: Unfrifinish, Unfollow, or Edit Friends Lists. Click “Edit Friend Lists”.

2. Select “Acquaintances”. Then click “Done”.


Once done, you’ll no longer check out MOST of your friend’s updays on your News Feed. I say the majority of bereason Facebook decides what you check out and also what you don’t check out. In my endure, using the Acquaintances list considerably reduces the number of articles you’ll view from a frifinish. And you can still view their updays if you visit their profile, or click the Acquaintances list feed. You have the right to discover the feed on the left side of the web page on desktop computer. On mobile, click “More” in the bottom-best of the application, then scroll dvery own to Feeds and also pick Acquaintances. If you don’t view it, click “More” or “Feeds”.

Limit what your Acquaintances watch as soon as you share

Optionally, if you like not to share through your acquaintances, you deserve to limit the audience of your status updays. You deserve to execute this as soon as you are sharing a condition, link, photo or whatever before.

1. First click the sharing button (mine states “Custom” however yours can say “Friends” and also hopecompletely not “Public”).

2. Then choose “Friends other than Acquaintances”. If you don’t watch that option, click “More Options”.


If you are on the mobile variation, you have the same options however it looks a bit different.

1. Click “Friends” (or whatever before audience you usage by default) and also then you’ll have some options. If you don’t see them click “More”.

2. Then select Friends; Except Acquaintances and then click “Done”.

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Hope these instructions assist you remain sane amidst the daily litany type of of over sharing. Try making use of the Acquaintances list and the various other integrated lists in Facebook to watch if it renders your social media experience a bit even more bearable!


Ali A says

January 20, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Great tips! I’m constantly surprised that world don’t understand these attributes exist. Tbelow are a LOT of solutions to daily Facebook (or even just social media in general) annoyances that will keep your anger levels DOWN if you learn them!

Debra C says

January 21, 2015 at 12:26 am

I didn’t recognize you might execute this. Tbelow are a few “friends” where I feel I’m frequently looking for the “dislike” button which, of course, doesn’t exist. Can’t wait to make “acquaintance adjustments.” Thanks for the info!

Dionora Ferrantino says

February 26, 2015 at 11:08 pm

I’ve actually been doing the “acquaintances” establishing for a while. Mom is fairly “hooked on” facebook casino apps & asked me to sign up with her favorite FB gaming apps (slots mostly) so we might have that as a “one-of-a-kind sharing thing” we carry out. Due to the fact that then in order to keep up via what I speak to the “gming coin app hustle” I have included over 4,000 FB acquaintances thru teams my mommy likes to not pay for coins. WELL… Before that I had about 58 FB contacts that were all ACTUAL friends and family members. Is there a Bulk method that you know of that I can delete/unfriend these folks bereason I’m avoiding all this nonsense; or must I simply delete my page & re-include my friends & loved ones there? FB Assistance is not really a lot aid via this. Please respond if u can to my gmail attend to or to facebook.com/deeshmeee (lolol) HAGD

Mar says

February 18, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Nacho says

February 26, 2016 at 10:42 pm

Do you recognize if tbelow is a way or a tool to assist revolve friends into acquaitances all in as soon as. Due to work reasons I have many customers as facebooks friends of mine. I think turning them right into acquaitances to limit the stuff of mine they have the right to check out on facebook could be the solution. It’s pretty anoying likewise to check out on my timeline all the photos and also thoughts of civilization I don’t treatment that much about. Please let me recognize if you know anything.


This is helpful. I have actually a question: I simply realized all the people I have actually on my facebook are thought about “cshed friends”, however I need more privacy. So, if I move someone from “cshed friends” list to “Acquaintances” list, will that perchild understand that I did this?

Thank you