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This song troubles me and I feel the lyrics might be wrong, definitely wikipedia has actually both the lyrics and also the translation wrong. I constantly felt that the hero means that he’s going to hell because he’s discussing the fire and not on the mountain which is not as well much away from his love he wants to escape and also forgain Sagliere implies raise however it indicates likewise climb with no direction I think "ncoppa means on and on height of yet absolutely not up or high and also surely the song would be much clearer if the refrain discussed a direction prefer “jamme ‘ncielo” which wouldn’t change the metre. Jamme suggests either let"s go, or come on, or let me go and has actually various other interpretations also relying on the context so I took the middle course saying simply going, I think the precise meaning right here is let me leave. What I don’t know is if the second verse starts “Nèh, jamme da la terra a la montagna” definition “Well, I’m going from the earth to the mountain” or “Nè jamme da la terra a la montagna” which is “Nor am I going from the earth to the mountain” and also this is the reason that earth is discussed because he’s leaving earth probably either embarking (climbing sails) to Africa or enlisting or also killing himself (climbing to hell). Now that I"ve read the song in depth I feel that the a lot of probable explacountry is embarking and hence the title of the song funiculì, funiculà which nearly definitely relates to ropes and the words can were also actual on ship terms or orders for the neapolitan navy, something favor heave in and heave ameans. So below "ncoppa method just aboard, which makes even more sense to me considering that neapolitans are sea pople and it"s tough to imagine someone escaping to a mountain and not to the sea.

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I"ve read additionally italian translations that all suggest he"s climbing a mountain, so below funiculì funiculà may simply playtotally suppose ffune cu lì ffune cu là (string over right here, string over there) referring to the strings that break-up his mind going ago and also forth to his darling I also think that the original lyrics are purposely ambiguous considering that the hero maybe hiding his destination from his darling. So if you have actually precise information about this good classic please drop a line