I"m not native and I listened this statement in a film, in a contention between lovers:

A: "... Get over yourself"

B: "... I"m so over myself"

Based on the conmessage the definition have to be obvious but I"m a small puzzled around it.

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It would certainly seem "being over oneself" means no longer being enamored by one"s own abilities, looks or regarded worth.

The speaker has more than likely gone through recent happenings that help him/her have actually a more objective appraisal of themselves and their immediate atmosphere.


"I"m (so) over somebody" is usually supplied to mean "I offered to be in love through that somebody however I"m not anymore", while "get over yourself" accprovides the addressee of self-centeredness to the allude of self-infatuation.

I"m guessing the 2 are juxtaposed below for comic impact, however conmessage and visual cues would help us figure out what the second speaker meant.


"Get over yourself"... is a ameans of saying come dvery own, you aint that great.

"I"m so over myself"... is a kind of self loathing, a minute in which someone is worn down of exactly how they attend to points, that all tright here decisions seem to constantly allude in the wrong direction.


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