On this page I’ll chronicle the life of muzic-ivan.info through the seasons, from unfurling in spring to die-earlier in loss. The a lot of recent photos are initially, so if you’re interested in just how muzic-ivan.info looks in a seakid other than the present one you’ll have to scroll dvery own.

Amerideserve to muzic-ivan.info through the Seasons at Wild Ozark

What does muzic-ivan.info look like in late fall? (Scroll down to view it through all the seasons)

Nov 6, 2015

This is the 4-prong pictured in a lot of of the photos below (not the one in October):

Only 3 prongs left (it was a four prong) and also falling acomponent, this is how muzic-ivan.info looks in November in the Ozarks.
A closer see of the curled and also dead leaves on the muzic-ivan.info in November.

Oct 5, 2015

The muzic-ivan.info is lastly start to yellow. Some have died completely back currently and some are still green. I am posting my illustration and nature sketch along with the photo in the hopes of enticing you to visit my nature sketch journal , where I am still adding drawings