TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last year, and also numerous new slang terms and also acronyms have actually been created as an outcome. Here are the explacountries for the many offered TikTok lingo.

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While TikTok has been about because 2016, the past year has actually undoubtedly been the best yet for the video-based social media application, with internet customers flocking to the platdevelop to share funny videos, tips, and also tricks, and to join in on the latest trends.

But if you’ve scrolled through TikTok for any type of period of time, you’ve more than most likely encountered a couple of words or acronyms for which you don’t recognize the definition. A few of these are specific to TikTok, and others are commonly provided terms offered on the internet even more generally.


Here are some of the most renowned terms offered on TikTok.


TikTokTikTok has actually come to be a hub for all sorts of viral trends.

What does FYP expect on TikTok?

FYP means the ‘For You Page,’ and describes the tab you initially watch upon launching the app. As the name says, your FYP is tailored to you, and the clever before algorithm on the application picks up on what you’re interested in, using that indevelopment to indicate even more relevant content.

If you upload a video clip to TikTok and also someone comments ‘FYP,’ it indicates that you controlled to make it to their feed, and also is a prevalent means to indevelop people that their video is being watched by others.


What does PFP mean?

This one is not just supplied on TikTok, however on many type of other social media platdevelops consisting of Twitter. It represents ‘Profile Picture,’ and also many will usage it to refer to whatever before someone has collection as their symbol on the application.

Trends favor the Lana Cult and also the Hamster Cult utilized PFPs to spreview the trfinish additionally throughout the application, and aid affix via various other participants.

What does CEO mean?

CEO is a term that has actually of course pre-dated TikTok, interpretation Chief Executive Officer, but many thanks to social media the term has actually handled new interpretation. To be the CEO of something suggests that you are the finest at the thing in question, and also is mostly intended as a compliment. However, it deserve to also be used in a sarcastic means.


What does POV mean?

POV means ‘Point Of View’ and also refers to a trfinish in which the video mirrors the viewer’s point of see of a details situation.

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addisonrePOV he tells you he just desires to be friends so you pretend that’s what you want too

♬ Dont wanna loss in love by Kyle – 🕷Daycore ver.🕷

People use this TikTok format to make funny and also relatable content, and also while this trfinish frequently takes impetus from continual daily life, some pick to make their version bizardepend certain or nonsensical.

What does accountant suppose on TikTok?

The term ‘accountant’ blew up after user Rocky Paterra uploaded a video clip in which he described through a catchy song why he pdescribes tell human being he’s an accountant fairly than describe he’s a “struggling actor.”

This sound was then provided by people with miscellaneous other hard-to-explain tasks, especially for creators that make mature content.


What does ion mean?

‘Ion’ is frequently supplied as a contraction of ‘I don’t,’ however, as soon as provided as the acronym ‘ION,’ it can also suppose ‘In Other News.’

However before, the former definition is mostly more widespread on social media platforms like Twitter and also TikTok.

What does asl mean?

‘Asl’ is an additional slightly confmaking use of term in the feeling that it has actually numerous different meanings. The first is of course the acronym for ‘Amerihave the right to Sign Language,’ and also the second is an additional acronym that implies ‘age, sex, location.’

However, many kind of social media customers are currently making use of ‘asl’ as a contraction of the phrase, ‘as hell.’

What does mid mean?

‘Mid’ on TikTok is provided as a means to define somepoint as unexceptional, mediocre, or of negative quality. The term was popularized on the app after a video of pro wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedmale went viral, with him saying: “It’s referred to as the Midwest, because eextremely single point in it is mid.”


What does Pushin P mean?

Pushin P is a famous phrase in the Bay Area and also Texas that was newly popularized by Atlanta rapper Gunna.

Gunna described that the ‘P’ means ‘player,’ although it have the right to also stand also for ‘paper.’ The term essentially suggests to ‘keep it actual.’

“Risking your life to feed your family is P,” he explained in a collection of Tweets. “Putting your civilization in place is P. Jumping in a person’s beef or case once you don’t recognize what’s going on? Not P.”

What does AS mean?

On TikTok, AS have the right to describe the TV programming block Adult Swim, which became part of a large trfinish ago in 2021. Users were going viral making their own trailers or ‘bumps’ motivated by the network-related, through the logo featured in a subtle method somewright here in the swarm.

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blackquarterzip #vano3000 #adultswim ♬ Running Away – VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring

TikTok culture is constantly growing and also changing, and there’ll be new slang and terminology that will climb in popularity as even more users join the renowned app.