Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The Volcano Theatre Company has long been the social heart of an Amador County hamlet, drawing thousands of civilization every year. — Laura Blasey, Los Angeles Times, 14 Sep. 2021 About a week ago, Callan uncovered a newborn kitten, reportedly abandoned by its mommy, in the Livingston County hamlet of Retsof at a job website wright here her husband was working. — Marcia Greenlumber, USA TODAY, 7 Sep. 2021 The 18-room motel, which opened in the 1950s, is just a pair hrs north of New York City in the Sullivan County hamlet of Roscoe, affectionately known as Trout Tvery own, USA. — Diana Budds, Curbed, 27 Aug. 2021 Korean neighborhoods might travel a straight swarm southern and also west along Interstate 85 to opt for an up-and-coming hamlet boasting warmer weather and cheaper rent. — Jennifer Hope Choi, Star Tribune, 23 Mar. 2021 The humale residents greatly live in what’s referred to as Boca Chica Village, an unintegrated hamlet that, at its top, had about 30 houses and also trailers in and roughly its unofficial borders. — Joe Pappalarexecute, Science, 10 Dec. 2020 Joining in on the celebration is the majority of of the little businesses and also restaurants in the downtvery own location, which transdevelops from a quaint Hill Counattempt destination into a holiday hamlet each December. — Katie Friel, Chron, 22 Nov. 2021 Darah Lady’s hamlet of Maruaga is rife through risks for viral spillover, from omniexisting mosquitoes, roaming dogs and also chickens, and also the wild game her household on a regular basis eats. — Los Angeles Times, 15 Nov. 2021 To offset the loss of around $100,000 in taxation revenue a year — the approximate price of capital the township"s police — the state offered the hamlet a one-time give worth about $2.2 million, shelp Rebecca Matsco, a Potter Township supervisor. — Hannah Rappleye, NBC News, 14 Nov. 2021

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First Knvery own Use of hamlet

Noun (1)

prior to the 12th century, in the meaning identified above

Noun (2)

1601, in the interpretation defined above

History and Etymology for hamlet

Noun (1)

Middle English, from Anglo-French hamelet, diminutive of ham village, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English hām village, home

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The initially well-known usage of hamlet was prior to the 12th century

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