A similar expression is pass gas. Both break wind and pass gas are thought about to be even more polite terms than the word fart. However, a lot of civilization will certainly prevent talking around this topic in general. This is specifically true in scholastic and experienced settings.

For a discussion of break vs. brake, check out below.

Origin of Breaking Wind

This expression has existed because the 1500s. It may have arisen from the definition of break, interpretation to begin suddenly, and the definition of wind, interpretation moving air.

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Examples of Breaking Wind

In this conversation, a daughter is complaining around her younger brvarious other.

Daughter: Mom, make him stop! 

Mother: Why? What is your brother doing to bother you now?

Daughter: He’s being gross. He keeps breaking wind, on function.

Mother: I’m certain he’s not doing it on function. Everyone farts sometimes.

Daughter: He told me he’s doing it on purpose!

In this example, 2 coemployees talk about a weird smell in the office.

Dave: What is that destructive smell?

Ben: I’m not sure, however it simply started, and it’s exceptionally effective.

Dave: It smells like someone is breaking wind in right here.

Ben: This is awful. We really need a much better ventilation mechanism.

Dave: I’m going to open up a window.

Ben: I really don’t think it’s correct to break wind in the middle of an office establishing.

More Examples

This excerpt is around the guys that dress up as Santa Claus in the time of the Christmas seachild. These actors typically have actually youngsters come up and also sit on their laps. The youngsters tell them what they want for Christmas. However before, occasionally these actors have unusual things happen to them as soon as human being are sitting on their laps.

Being Santa isn’t constantly the jolliest or many dignified position.

This instance is about an athlete that offended a referee. The referee disciplined the athlete because the athlete farted on the referee. 


To break wind is a verb expression that describes the action of flatulence.


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