English term or phrase:She"s come undone
Schosen answer:fatality and redemption
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05:33 Feb 24, 2003
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English term or phrase: "She"s come undone"
There’s a component of the story. They are in the auto and turn on the radio. “She’s come undone” Thayer claims, turning up the radio. He sings together with the record. …She didn’t know what she was headed for And once she found what she was headed for… “Hey, look” I tell Thayer. The businessmale (He is in the automobile on the lane beside both of them) is tuned to the same station – is singing alengthy too. You can review his lips. “Harmony” Thayer says “How around that?” He honks the horn and also the male look over, laughs. The 2 of them lip-sync to each various other. Or to me, the perkid in between them. “Undone” I compose in the journal - stare at the word, turning it over. Jack speight (the man that rapes her as soon as she was 13) undid me, then I nearly undid myself. But I have undone some of the poor, also, some of the damages. With assist, with luck and love…” ----- The story I’m reading titled “She’s come undone” I looked in the dictionary and also there are around tree definitions of the word “undone”. I really don’t know which interpretation fits the interpretation of the name. I likewise donot understand also the last paragraph …. “Undone” I write in the journal - stare at the word, turning it over. Jack speight (the guy that rapes her when she was 13) undid me, then I practically undid myself. But I have undone some of the poor, as well, some of the damages. With assist, via luck and also love…” Does undone suggests Destroy? And what does “She’s come undone” mean? Thank you exceptionally a lot for your aid.

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The title points to a type of figurative fatality and redemption
Explanation:To undo is to reverse, erase, or annul. In a method, it is to obliteprice somepoint. She was "undone" by her rapist, in the sense that he killed something in her. His act was deeply damaging. She nearly undid herself: She virtually enabled her life to dissipate and waste ameans under the blows that she has actually obtained in her life. But she has actually likewise "undone" some of the damages. She has somejust how triumphed over her adversity and also erased or reversed some of the damages that was visited upon her, proving to be sturdy via a good survival feeling. Based on the little bit bits and pieces that you have been posting (and I cannot case to have followed every one of them), the title "She Has Come Undone" sounds favor a review of every one of that. She has in a means died to herself, or parts of her were ruined, obliterted, however she has actually in the process survived and also come out of the endure with a measure of regulate over her life enough to permit her to execute ameans via some of that damage and also end up being a new perboy who is capable of looking upon the old person practically as a "she" rather than as an "I."