How to Have a Positive Powerful Presence

Four steps to encertain people feel great once they are through you.

Posted October 30, 2016 | Reregarded by Jessica Schrader


What affect do you have when you enter a room? What carry out people feel when you leave?

Being powerful suggests that people suffer something, positive or negative, once in the room via you.

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To encertain you have a positive powerful visibility is a aware alternative.

Every facet of your visibility has social meaning, consisting of your emovements and how you are assessing the world you are via. People are “feeling you out” before you speak. Thus, you should build both your cognitive and also sensory awareness to ensure human being feel safe and uplifted by your existence.

Cognitive Awareness

To choose just how you desire to show up, you must be mindful of what is going on inside your head and what is happening around you. This level of attention needs you to be cognitively aware.

When you pay attention to others, you suspend your judgment and idea production to take in what others are saying. You notification exactly how they are reacting to your words through their gestures and expression of emotions. If you are curious to learn more, you will certainly ask inquiries to better understand also how they are defining the situation and the challenges they watch, what they require in the minute, and what they can fix to attain their desires.

You can also pay attention to what is going on in your mind while you listen, checking in through your thoughts without shedding focus on others. You desire to notice if a judgment creeps in, or if you are impatiently waiting to provide your opinion. You have the right to then choose to set aside your ideas and opinions to reprimary outwardly attentive, or share your thoughts if you think they will certainly relocate the conversation forward in a positive direction.

Being consciously aware means you have the right to be inwardly alert while being outwardly conscious. A positive visibility need to go beyond being consciously aware.

Tright here is far more going on in any type of interactivity than what human being are saying and expushing and also what you are reasoning around it. Your emotions, intentions, and regard for the civilization current will certainly affect just how they feel and behave actually. You have to have sensory awareness and also cognitive awareness to maintain a positive impact.

Sensory Awareness

Being powertotally existing consists of an inward awareness of your own emovements, your intention for the conversation (what outcome you want), and your regard for world in room. You additionally need an exterior awareness of people’s endure past what is evident. With sensory awareness, you are able to obtain what is going on through others and also usage this information to much better attach with, reassure, and inspire others via your visibility.

First, alert just how you feel. Learn how to identify emotional reactions in your body. Do you organize anger in your stomach, shoulders, or jaw? When you are anxious, does your heart beat much faster and also the back of your neck heat up? Get in the habit of noticing your eactivities by establishing your phone alarm to go off 3 times a day in the next two weeks to create you to ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” You deserve to click below for an emotional inventory to assist identify your emotional state.

2nd, ask yourself, “What execute I desire world to feel?” If you desire them to be curious, calm, hopeful, or excited, you need to change to feeling this emovement yourself. Breathe and permit yourself to feel your liked eactivity before you enter the room. You can’t mean civilization to react well once you are feeling anxious, annoyed, or doubtful.

Third, assess exactly how you regard those you are speaking to. In a examine of 838,151 world in 158 nations, being treated with respect was the strongest predictor of positive feelings. Periodically, you must check in via yourself to see if you are valuing those you are through. What perform you appreciate around these people? Recontact good acts or intentions to change ago to respect.

4th, tune in to what world need from you in the minute. Do they need assurance? Do they require area to talk around their fears and frustrations without being made wrong? Do they require you to acknowledge their knowledge or skills? What can you offer to help them feel you understand also and also appreciate their needs?

Also, according to recent research in therapeutic presence, world will feel safer and also even more comfortable through you once you listen to them through an open up mind, heart, and gut.

Open your mind via curiosity. Open your heart with gratitude, compassion, and hope. Open your gut via courage. You will better sense what they need. They will certainly appreciate that you are listening and also caring so deeply.

You can uncover a quick visualization for opening all 3 processing centers of your nervous system—head, heart, and also gut—on this web page, taken from the book, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs.

By elevating your sensory awareness, you aid civilization feel viewed, interpreted and also valued. This link have the right to activate passion, creative thinking, and hope.

Maya Angelou sassist, “People may not remember precisely what you did, or what you said, yet they will certainly always remember exactly how you made them feel.” Choose to inspire others via your powerful, positive visibility.


Marcia Reynolds, PsyD.

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, is the author of 2 management publications, The Discomfort Zone and Wander Woman. She is the President of Covisioning, a management development firm.




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