I’m trying to learn spanish on Duolingo and whenever I need to interpret “My name is X” Into spanish I almethod mix the 2 up and would like to recognize as soon as each of them is provided. It’s really discouraging reason that seams to be the only thing I’m having challenge through so much.

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For any valuable purposes, there's no difference between the two. You deserve to usage either in any establishing. People might try to add some kind of nuance (e.g. one sounds even more formal than the other) but they're identical.

In regards to grammar, mi nombre es is simply stating what my name is, while me llamo implies "I call myself" or "I'm called". You have the right to say yo me llamo x, however never before yo mi nombre es x, for circumstances.

Well "Me llamo..." is more common in eincredibly situation; and also "Mi nombre es..." is so rare to hear, you have the right to use it in formal situations, however using "Me llamo..." it's perfectly fine.

and for "Mi nombre es..." you have the right to usage it when you're reasoning about you, your life, or something more philosophical

They both essentially intend the very same point, while the literal translation for me llamo is I am called and for mi nombre es is my name is, they deserve to be offered interchangeably. While in English you nearly never before hear someone say I am dubbed ..., in Spanish it is rare to hear someone say mi nombre es ... . Me llamo is provided means more often

in Spanish it is rare to hear someone say mi nombre es

I think it's more prevalent in presentations and formal stuff.

At leastern in Google Books, me llamo is even more prevalent. I typically urge on it through my students because it is their initially reflexive verb.

From my expertise me llamo many straight translates to, “I am called” and also Mi nombre is literally, “My name” I could be wrong though

The way I view it, the former is noun (nombre) based and the latter is verb (llamar) based. In English both versions of the translated sentence need the verb "to be," however that's not the situation in Spanish. That is, "my name is Dave" or "I am referred to as Dave."

They are the same.

Yo use "me llamo" a lot of of the time.

"Mi nombre es" is for presentations and formal stuff.

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