When I initially heard the expression “No mames guey”, I assumed it was “Dank Meme” slang for “No memes guy”- somebody that has no memes.

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But when I looked into it additionally, I discovered it’s Mexican slang.“No mames guey” have the right to either suppose “No way!” or “C’mon dude!”.

Whilst it is a Spanish expression, it’s not one that human being would recognise if you visited Spain. It’s beginnings are in Mexico, where it’s frequently sassist by today’s youths.In this article, I want to talk about wright here this word originates from, whether a Spaniard would certainly understand it, why you have to recognize around it, and also exactly how it happened part of the English Lexicon.Just because this is a webwebsite around English grammar, doesn’t intend we can’t look at non-English phrases that we usage over here.

TranslationNoMamesGueyWhy carry out the Americans use it?Foregime PhrasesSpanish beyond SpainWhy you have to understand Mexideserve to slangConclusion


The literal translation (which is hardly ever what we mean) is “Don’t suck it, guy”.If you were to say “don’t suck it”, most world will certainly give you some very odd looks, and have no principle what you’re talking around. Even bilingual world that soptimal both Spanish and English will laugh at you!When it concerns idioms, a great preeminence of thumb is never before analyze word for word from one language into another. Doing so will certainly simply make human being perplexed, and also it will be clear that you’re not a native speaker.


In English “no” and also “don’t” are 2 various words. But in Spanish, they are the same word-“no”.

The expression “No hablo Ingles” is a great thing to say to cold callers and human being that sheight on the street. Translated into English, it suggests “I don’t speak English”.If you have actually run out of cash, you will certainly say “No tengo dinero”. This can either intend “I have no money” or “I don’t have actually any money”.I have the right to imagine that Spanish natives could struggle to learn that we have actually 2 words wbelow they would just have actually one. It’s exciting to think about exactly how English learners can struggle.


Words “mames” wouldn’t make a lot feeling to a Spaniard. This is bereason it’s a slang term that comes from Mexico. Think of it choose just how a British person could obtain perplexed if an American states “John Hancock” or an Amerideserve to might get perplexed once Ketchup is referred to as “Tommy K”.

“Mames” means to suck. Even if you are Mexihave the right to, it’s a crude term that you probably wouldn’t want to say to your mommy or your boss.Normally, it’s referring to the nipple, but civilization may interpret it as a component of the male body.


Words “guey” just suggests “guy”. Although the formal version is “chico”, “guey” isn’t rude or derogatory, so you can get ameans through saying it to your mommy, and also maybe also your boss.In English, we also have actually more than one word for “man”: male, bloke, fella, dude, geeza.

Using casual terminology have the right to aid you to talk to civilization in a international country because you will come throughout as someone through an excellent grasp on their language, fairly than someone who’s still discovering.If you’re in a professional context, I would certainly stick to “Chico”, however as soon as having actually a chat with your friends, you can say “guey” instead.

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Why do the Americans use it?

If this phrase is Mexideserve to, why is it provided in English?As you’re most likely conscious, America and Mexico share a border. As such, people who were born in Mexico periodically move to America for either a holiday or to live and also job-related.

Since of the interactions in between Americans and Mexicans, specific phrases have actually managed to uncover their means right into each other’s vocabularies.Now, thanks to the internet, Americans and Mexicans have the right to talk to one an additional without ever before having to fulfill confront to face. This has actually sped up the exreadjust of phrases.

Fopower Phrases

Spanish isn’t the just language that has actually some words and also phrases in our language.If somebody is the best of the best, you can say they’re the “Creme de la crème”, interpreted from french as the “cream of the cream”.

When your pasta still has actually some bite to it, you might say it’s “Al Dente”, Italian for “to the tooth”.When you make the many of every day, you would say the Latin for seize the day, “Carpe Diem”.And when you gain happy at someone else’s misfortune, you might use the Germale ” schadenfreude” interpretation “malicious joy”.

Spanish beyond Spain

As I’m sure, some of you will certainly be conscious, in the previous Spain had actually a realm. They travelbrought about the Americas and overcame a number of countries, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

If you were to do a tour of all the Spanish speaking nations, even though the language is the same, the world would all sound different. Regardless of having the very same language when first conquered, the countries have blended Spanish with their aboriginal language and advanced it separately over time.Some of the distinctions will encompass pronunciation, individual words, dialects, and emphasises.It’s equivalent to how England, America, and Australia all speak English, but none speaks the exact same English.

Why you have to recognize Mexihave the right to slang

Why carry out you have to understand any type of of this? What’s the suggest in learning around Mexihave the right to slang?Firstly, you never before understand. You might one day discover yourself in Mexico, either for a holiday or on organization. And if you go, you’ll want to be able to sheight to the locals.

But additionally, bereason Latin music is coming to be more and even more famous, thanks to singers such as Luis Fonsi, and also Cardi B. When you’re listening to their music, you’ll desire to have the ability to have some knowledge of what they’re saying.You can not recognize the song word for word, however a tiny idea is better than no idea.


“No mames guey” could sound prefer “No memes guy” but it’s Mexihave the right to slang for “No way!” or “C’mon dude”.Even though Mexico speaks Spanish, their variation of Spanish has actually progressed individually from the language of Spain, so certain words will certainly exist that a Spaniard wouldn’t recognise.Translated literally, it indicates “Don’t suck it guy”, but that’s not what it means at all.

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Next time you listen to a Latin pop song, you stand also a much better chance of knowledge what the singer is trying to say. Unless it’s Cardi B, great luck expertise her.