Have you ever before wondered if you must go around the ways of those well known players and also master one champion over everyone else? 

14 Dec 19


Organization of Legends

If you've been playing Organization for a while, you've probably viewed those stvariety players. The one player in your game that is playing something that provides absolutely no feeling to you. Those men who've played nothing but one champion for all their matches, regardless of what place they are. Even if that champion has actually nothing to market in the function, this person took that champion there and also you're sure they should have actually shed horribly. Yet somejust how, they take somepoint that should (for all reasons) be a troll pick and shows great numbers through it no matter that he's playing versus. Did he just luck out and also obtain bigger trolls on the opponent team? Did he somejust how cwarm or abusage an OP item? Nope! Chances are what you simply witnessed was a one-trick player doing what they execute ideal. What does it intend and also take to be a "one-trick" player? This post will offer you an expertise on the many loyal of champion individuals.

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What's a One-Trick?

A one-trick (coined from the old expression "one-trick pony") is a player that highly specializes in one specific champion, periodically to the excessive of never playing any other champion ever regardless of what happens. These players are players that play a champion so a lot, they could quickly be taken into consideration masters of them, and also would nearly instantly lock in shelp champion, even in the confront of a respond to. Think of them as a champion primary to virtually the highest degree feasible. To clarify, this does not intend they necessarily have to never before play one more champion, just play their primary to the suggest that it's a rarity to ever before watch them deviate from it, exterior of absolutely having actually to (the champion is disabled, banned, and so on.). If they tried that, tright here would be a very actual chance of their accounts being banned due to leaving games wright here their mains were stolen by one more player or banned.

Typically the standing of an outstanding one trick is being able to climb all the way up to the highest possible ranks in Organization while playing practically nopoint but their major champion. Some examples would be Yassuo (a Yasuo main), Boxbox (Riven) and Anniebot (Annie). All three are at the rank of Grandmaster or their major accounts and also considered some of the best at their champions. Give them a watch some time, they're impressive to watch!

The term "one trick pony" deserve to be offered in other games, of course. It deserve to additionally be applied in genuine life, referring to someone via one specific talent or location of specialization, prefer a gardener who's just good at flourishing potatoes. Like shelp farmer, ScrubNoob is a one trick that plays virtually specifically Rengar and is very excellent at what he does; repetitively high Challenger no matter the seaboy or changes.

What's Different Playing as a One-Trick?

Being a one-trick player has actually its very own perks and also flegislations like any various other playstyle does, the majority of bordering the reason they're unique: the character they major so loyally. For now, let's assume you were a one-trick player. Great! What does that entail? Well for pros, playing one champion so a lot would lead to you coming to be pretty skilled via them. Most one-tricks deserve to construct ideally for any type of case, show mechanical mastery, and also make off-meta tactics work-related ideal off the cuff, because they're so acquainted through that champion. The indevelopment is as herbal as how to ride a bicycle or even walk! This would lead to you taking full benefit of any type of transforms in the game that can influence your main, much better than practically any various other kind of player. Alengthy through being able to adjust well, as soon as you main gets buffed (be it directly or not), you'd certainly be on height of it.

On the other hand, focusing so a lot on one specific champion in a game through well over 100 means you'd get a couple of hang-ups. For instance, focusing so much on a main leaves you open to having actually a absence of understanding of other champions that you must have actually, resulting in possible misplays or mistakes because you aren't familiar through certain methods or abilities. This is more most likely to take place in functions you wouldn't typically play bereason you wouldn't watch champions fifty percent as much as you would typically (similar to how assistance mains typically don't recognize in depth around many top lane champions, bereason they don't check out the champions outside of mid/late game, not just late). On that topic, not being acquainted with other champions have the right to conveniently result in you percreating substantially worse once you aren't on your major. This suggests having your champion banned or taken from you is constantly a real possible issue if not compensated. This could be eased by at least discovering a little bit of a champion that's mechanically similar to your major, however it would certainly still be current due to the enormous amount of time you've committed to your main.



These are the Primary function overviews for famous one-trick players Yassuo (above) and also Adrian Riven (AKA: 1adrianaries1 ; below). Notice not only exactly how many games their mains have actually compared to either of the follow champions merged, but additionally that the secondaries are champions via noticeably comparable gameplay or duties to their mains. This allows them to perform at least decently well when they can't play their main, a good practice to have also if you aren't a one-trick.

Can You Be a One-Trick Player?

The initially and most necessary thing you should understand about becoming a one-trick primary is that tright here is no selecting to the question. In all honesty, you are either naturally a one-trick or not, because one can't sindicate play the exact same character for numerous games on finish without a deep passion or enjoyment in making use of the character. A normal main favors one character over others, sure, yet deserve to discover good enjoyment in a few other champions comparatively. With a one-trick, there's no denying that they love one specific champion over all the rest. Even if they are practically as great on one more champion or also if they are in terms of win rate for them better at the moment, they nearly constantly go earlier to the champion they mained.

Similar to just how you can't save playing a game for a lengthy time after completion without having actually some kind of spark you have via it, a one-trick wouldn't be a actual one-trick if they didn't love playing that one champion game after game for seasons on end. And simply favor a hobby you picked up, you probably sucked at it at initially. This is the exact same with maining a champion and also even more so via one-tricking, they probably all sucked at the champion once they first began playing them, possibly also for a long time. However, with perseverance and a actual liking to their major, they acquired much better and also climbed in rank to prove their worth to any type of instance, also ones wright here logically they'd have significant disadvantages.

No issue just how flawed the champion is or becomes, no issue what alters take place with the champion, a real one trick constantly stands by playing with that champion. Even in the face of a finish reoccupational, one-tricks tend to continue to be on their champion and also simply learn the brand-new mechanics everywhere aacquire. This is what provides one-trick players respectable all on its own: Regardmuch less of just how "strong" or "weak" their champion is, and even as soon as they were at their worst, a genuine one-trick still learned their champion to the allude of mastery and perdevelop well no matter. When mastery seems apparent, they keep playing and also trying brand-new points via their favorite.

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One-trick players have the right to be viewed as trolls in some people's eyes in ranked, however tright here is a really deep passion to having such a dedication to a particular champion. At the core, they are the exact same players as you or I. They still have great and horrible matches, frustrations and also accomplishments. Many importantly, simply favor us the only way world like Yassuo or ScrubNoob acquired so great at this game is by dealing with people as excellent and also much better at the general game than they are, pushing their limits and also mirroring what methods or builds deserve to be done. Whether you are one yourself or not isn't really important, however the next time you watch someone through an absurdly high play price on a particular champion, offer a tiny respect before flaming them once they auto-lock Ryze into Akali; you might finish up ending eating your words when they finish up stomping the lane and transporting you.