One of the numbered paragraphs is blank and simply claims "Reserved". What is the reason for it, have the right to the attorney simply insert whatever terms they want later? Clearly on not, but it must have some objective.

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This letter is being presented on an online signing company if that matters.


I think the many likely explacountry is that they have actually a standard engagement language through standardized paragraph numbering, and they just take out or insert paragraphs as applicable to an individual client.

So maybe they would certainly have actually a typical paragraph 19 that defines how their contingency fee arrangement functions, and a paragraph 20 that says what happens if your instance hregarding be appealed. But if you were paying them hourly rather of on contingency, they"d just pull out paragraph 19 and also note it "reserved," leaving them with the exact same terms in paragraph 20 as they have actually in all their other contracts.


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