It suggests you are sitting pretty, living the life of Riley. It means every little thing is going your way professionally and also personally. Typically sassist after some good luck or fortuitous happening.

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When you are "on top of the human being," you are feeling great. Example: "What a beautiful day, this particular day. I am on peak of the world!" Sometimes you are "on peak of the world" bereason a good point taken place to you; various other times it is simply because you are feeling excellent. Example: "What an excellent time we had that night; we were on optimal of the world!" If you climbed the greatest mountain and also looked out to see a beautiful check out, you would certainly feel great and be on optimal of the world.

Everypoint is excellent. Everything"s going your means. You"re riding high. You"re in clover. Life couldn"t be much better.

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You"re a winner. You"ve obtained it made.

It means your the happiest you might be in your life!

it implies once you are doing good in something

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