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1  pron 
You usage that  to refer earlier to an idea or case expressed in a previous sentence or sentences.  They shelp you particularly wanted to talk to me. Why was that?..., Some members feared Germany might raise its interemainder prices on Thursday. That can have set the scene for a confrontation via the US.    That is also a determiner., det The many crucial purpose of our Health Care is to support you as soon as making a case for clinical treatment. For that reason the claims procedure is as straightforward and useful as possible.  
2  det 
You use that  to refer to someone or something currently mentioned.  The Commissioners acquire in between £50,000 and also £60,000 a year in assorted allowances. But that amount can soar to £90,000 a year...  
3  det 
When you have actually been talking around a details period of time, you usage that  to suggest that you are still referring to the exact same period. You use expressions such as that morning or that afternoon to suggest that you are referring to an previously duration of the very same day.  The story was publimelted in a Sunday newspaper later that week...  
4  pron 
You usage that  in expressions such as that of and that which to introduce even more indevelopment around somepoint currently discussed, rather of repeating the noun which refers to it.  FORMAL PRON of n, PRON pron-rel A recession prefer that of 1973-74 might put one in ten Amerihave the right to providers into bankruptcy...  
5  pron 
You use that  in front of words or expressions which express agreement, responses, or reactions to what has actually simply been shelp.  `She shelp she"d met you in England also."  
6  det 
You usage that  to introduce a perchild or point that you are going to give details or indevelopment around.  FORMAL In my case I decided that course which I taken into consideration appropriate...  
7  det 
You usage that  once you are referring to someone or something which is a distance away from you in position or time, particularly once you indicate or point to them. When tright here are two or more points near you, that  refers to the even more distant one.   Look at that guy. He"s acquired red socks..., Wright here did you acquire that hat?...    That is likewise a pronoun., pron That looks hefty. May I lug it for you?  
8  pron 
You usage that  once you are identifying someone or asking about their identity.  That"s my wife you were talking to..., I answered the phone and this voice went, `Hello? Is that Alison?"  
9  det 
You have the right to usage that  when you mean the perkid you are talking to to recognize what or who you are referring to, without needing to determine the specific perkid or point totally.  SPOKEN Did you acquire that cheque I sent?...    That is additionally a pronoun., pron That was a destructive situation of blackmail in the paper this day...  
10  adv 
If somepoint is notthat  negative, funny, or expensive for example, it is not as negative, funny, or expensive as it might be or as has actually been said.  via brd-neg, ADV adj/adv Not even Gary, he shelp, was that stupid...  
11  adv 
You deserve to usage that  to emphadimension the level of a feeling or high quality.  INFORMAL ADV adj/adv  (emphasis) (=so) I would certainly have walked out, I was that angry...  
13 You use and also all that or and that to refer generally to whatever else which is linked through what you have actually simply mentioned. INFORMAL ♦and that/and all that  phrase cl/group PHR  (vagueness) I"m not a cook myself yet I am interested in nutrition and that.  
14 You usage at that after a statement which modifies or emphasizes what you have just said. ♦at that  phrase n/adj PHR  (emphasis) Success never before appears to come however via hard job-related, frequently physically demanding job-related at that...  
15 You use that is or that is to say to show that you are about to express the very same idean extra clearly or exactly. ♦that is/that is to say  phrase PHR through cl/group I am a disappointing, though mainly dutiful, student. That is, I carry out as I"m told...  
16 You usage that"s it to suggest that nothing more demands to be done or that the finish has actually been got to. ♦that is it 
 phrase V inflects When he left the office, that was it, the workday was over.  
17 You usage that"s it to express agreement with or approval of what has actually simply been shelp or done. ♦that"s it 
 convention  (formulae) (=exactly) `You gained married, right?"—`Yeah, that"s it."  
18 You use just prefer that to emphadimension that somepoint happens or is done immediately or in an extremely straightforward way, frequently without much believed or conversation. INFORMAL ♦just favor that 
 phrase PHR through cl  (emphasis) Similar to that, I remained in love...  
19 You usage that"s that to say tbelow is nothing even more you can carry out or say about a particular matter. SPOKEN ♦that is that  phrase V inflects `Well, if that"s the means you desire it," he replied, tears in his eyes, `I guess that"s that."  
20  → favor that 
 → like  → this and that  → this  → this, that and the other  → this 

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