use oneself, bone up, brood over, burn midnight oil, bury oneself in, coach, cogitate, think about, crack the books, cram, dig, dive into, examine, excogitate, go right into, go over, grind, hit the books, inquire, learn, learn the ropes, lucubprice, meditate, mind, mull over, perpfinish, perusage, plug, plunge, polish up, ponder, pore over, read, read up, refresh, think, think out, think over

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two students are talking ...

Student 1: Alfred got one more A on his exam.

Student 2: He constantly gets peak marks and never before cracks a book.

Student 1: I don't understand how he does so well without ever before researching.

Student 2: Maybe he pays incredibly close attention in the lectures.

Idiom Scenario 2

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A couple are talking ...

Wife: Are you sure you understand exactly how to deal with the plumbing?

Husband: So much, I am not having any luck.

Wife: Perhaps you must crack a book and also uncover out just how to do it.

Husband: I expect in such an extremity that I can research how to fix it.

to crack a book - In the News

to crack a book - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 11

to crack a book - Gerund Form:

Cracking a book the night before an exam is a widespread means to cram.

to crack a book - Examples:

1) ... so if you desire to soptimal to problems choose this do everyone a favor and also crack a book first, or at least learn exactly how to use Google.

2) ... disrupt students studying for exams. This makes a vast assumption that any type of UT students crack a book on weekends.

3) ... certified in 3 various other (STEM) areas and I don't also bvarious other to crack a book the night before. My lowest score was 86%.

4) Before they ever crack a book, freshmales are thrust right into the community to assist.

5) Adding to the superior nature of Moore's skill-collection is the fact that he never before cracked a book to learn any kind of of his skills.

6) What scares me is absence of discovering. Obviously you've never cracked a book in your life.

7) I needed teachers who noticed that I never cracked a book yet aced the tests.

8) ... they were fairly casual movie viewers that had actually never before cracked a book, ...

9) ... high-college senior who doesn't think in homejob-related. In reality, George hasn't cracked a book all year.

10) ... however she's the most non-literary writer I've ever before known, and also 'never before cracks a book' as we offered to say. She's never before read anything that ...

11) A talented few can sail through midterm seakid without cracking a book, however the rest of us have to spfinish at least a small ...

12) ... , licensing, promotionals, etc without eextremely taking a biz course or course or cracking a book.

13) Lack of competition provides bit incentive to study and also many kind of such judges never crack a book, ...

14) She says she never before had actually to crack a book until college, ...

15) When is high technology the correct technology? When have to you crack a book to acquire something various other than a run-of-the-mill algorithm?

16) ... then you have to find a new accountant and crack a book on financial bookkeeping - bereason you clearly don't know what you are ...

17) ... my second boy, I simply didn't concern around anypoint. I didn't crack a book, whereas the initially time approximately, I was full of factoids.

18) ... perform some study from scientific resources, heck crack a book and also do some analysis and also perform yourself a favor; ...

19) If you haven't cracked a book before currently or if you just want to be as all set as possible ...

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20) Well, that's simply crazy. Any home owner who ever cracked a book would certainly have known that he/she couldn't possibly afford a $500,000 house on ...