1. (run across someone/something) to discover something or to satisfy someone by possibility. I ran across the letter while I was tidying the drawers.

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to suffer an unintended challenge, or to accomplish someone who is difficult to deal with: He"s the slickest talker I"ve ever run up against. (Definition of run up versus something/someone from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Subsequently, question is, had a run in meaning? If you have actually a run-in via someone, you have a major debate through them or you obtain right into trouble via them: I had a run-in via the boss/the law/the police yesterday. Synonyms. quarrel.

People additionally ask, is run by meaning?

<run something by someone> to tell someone your concepts so that they deserve to give you their opinion.

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What does it suppose to be run down?

adjective. fatigued; weary; tired. in a state of bad health: He was in a run-down condition from months of overwork. in neglected condition; fallen into disrepair: a run-down residence.

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What does running up the bill mean?

(DEBT) If you run up a debt, you carry out points that cause you to owe a large amount of money: She remained two weeks at the hotel and ran up a bill that she couldn"t pay.

What is engine run up?

In aviation, run-up, or runup, is the series of last-minute checks performed by pilots on an aircraft before take-off. Run-ups are also sometimes perdeveloped by aircraft mechanics, either at a gate in between flights, to test engines and diagnose engine difficulties.

Why fast bowlers have long run up?

The ball must be delivered from behind a bowling crease, yet preparation to bowl the sphere have the right to be done any means the bowler wishes. Quick bowlers tfinish to have actually long, rhythmical run-ups to enable them to construct momentum which adds to their capability to bowl the round at high speeds.

What does run up a examine mean?

If you are in the system it implies that you have been arrested or have had to pay a fine formerly. It may encompass your arrest/conviction/criminal record/superior fines and also fingerprints. If the police are running a check then they are generally checking to check out if you have actually a criminal history.

Can I run somepoint past you?

run something previous someone. If you run an principle or a record previous someone, you tell them around it or display it to them to get their opinion about it. I"ll take these files home and read them, and also I"ll want to run them previous our lawyer.

What does run by you mean?

run by. phrasal verb. If you run something by someone, you tell them around it or point out it, to see if they think it is a great principle, or deserve to understand it.

What does ran thru mean?

: a commonly cursory analysis, summary, or rehearsal. run with. verb. ran through; run through; running through; runs with.

Is it run by or ran by?

Run is both present and also past participle. Ran is only provided in previous create. After verbs favor to be or to have(auxiliary), constantly the past participle is used in this instance run.

What are runs in cricket?

In cricket, a run is the unit of scoring. To complete a run, both batsmales need to make their ground, through some component of their perkid or bat emotional the ground behind the popping crease at the various other end of the pitch.

Can I run somepoint by you meaning?

To casually define somepoint to one or indevelop one around something, commonly in order to solicit their opinion or feedearlier. I have actually an concept I"d choose to run by you. OK, run the arrangement by me another time.

Is it was run or was ran?

"Was run" is the correct previous passive first and also third perkid singular create of "run". "Was ran" is not a correct verb create. The passive develop of a verb is made by adding the previous participle of the verb to the correct develop of "be". The previous participle of "run" is "run".

What means run past?

run past. (transitive, idiomatic) To carry an principle or proposal to the attention of (someone) in order to achieve their opinion. Let me run that concept past the boss before we spend as well a lot time on it. (intransitive) Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: watch run,‎ previous.

How many kind of definitions does run have?


What does run via it mean?

to take manage of something such as a setup or a trouble and add your own ideas in order to make it effective. Let"s pick up this idea and also run via it.
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