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Latin : CaskOld English : Barrel maker

What does Cooper mean and also stand also for?

The name Cooper is of Old English beginning and also suggests "barrel maker." It was initially supplied a surname for the occupation. Cooper derives from Center English couper.

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Syllables: 2

Family name origins & meanings

Dutch : job-related name for a buyer or merchant, Center Dutch coper.


According to Social Security Administration data, Cooper is gradually on the increase, toggling between the top 90 and peak 80 since breaking the top 100 in 2007.

However before, it is the 1fifth most popular name on

According to Google search information evaluation, in the last five years Cooper was at its optimal popularity in February 2019.

Cooper was initially an work-related name for barrel equipments before becoming a popular given name. Anderson Cooper and Bradley Cooper are probably some of the most renowned world with this surname. The name has actually additionally been offered for fictional characters in Private Practice, Ben 10, and Trolls. Cooper was likewise chosen for Melissa Rivers" and also Dylan Lauren"s youngsters.

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