In each of these statements the word STAND is offered. It is spelled the specific exact same method, pronounced the precise same method, yet it has actually VERY various definitions in each of it’s offers above.

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Now one form of sign language, Signing Exact English, would tell you to authorize the word STAND the exact same in all three sentences bereason of their 2 out of 3 dominion. (If the word is spelled the same and pronounced the very same, then you deserve to sign it the very same.) Our philosophy below at Signing Savvy, DOES NOT endorse that method of reasoning. We feel that signing things conceptually correct is EXTREMELY important! This is one of the massive distinctions in between Amerihave the right to Sign Language (ASL) and Signed Exact English.

With that said….let us look back at the 3 example sentences listed above.

I won’t stand (put up via, or accept) this!

You must stand also (to stand also up) up please.

This flag stands (represents) for flexibility.

You would certainly want to sign the sentences making use of the interpretations of the words. Those definitions are discovered in the parenthesis. The sentences that come off the lips would certainly still be making use of the word STAND however the authorize would certainly correspond through the meaning.

Just a quick note around the Signing Savvy Phrase Builder - the expression builder doesn’t have the knowledge to recognize what the true conceptual meaning of the words you typed in the search box are. It will simply give you the first variation of the authorize for the word you gone into. However before, you have the right to modify the resulting sign video making use of the tools in the expression builder (view the video on the expression builder for details).

Please take into consideration this, and also make certain your phrases are conceptually correct, once you are using the phrase builder OR translating from English to ASL on your very own. Happy Signing! John.

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Words not in dictionary


Savvy User AnthonySunday, November 15, 2009

I use the flash cards to practice. When I come across a authorize that does not match my book, I"d like to be able to add a discription for the word. Right currently, I usage the fingerspelled develop however I need to describe my book as soon as I come to that word. For example, the word complete deserve to mean entire or all (variant not displayed in your dictionary). If I can include a discription that would certainly display with the flash cards, I would certainly know that the word is the very same as the sign for "all".

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Savvy User LoraMonday, November 23, 2009

I in search of a conceptual authorize for pollinate. Any suggestions?

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Savvy User MaryFriday, November 27, 2009

I hope someone watched last week"s NCIS Los Angeles. Abby signed a message to a man and also I couldn"t understand also the conversation. Did anyone gain it? Thanks.

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I Totally Agree

SGardnerFriday, November 27, 2009

Conceptually signing is a have to, and also it is particularly difficult in singing songs. I would certainly hate it if folks couldn"t understand also the true meanings of the songs.... Songs have so many type of metaphors and adjectives... Websters Thesaurus online is wright here I go for help. Good luck to all and God bless!

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