pertaining to or noting a story, conversation, character, and so on., that consciously referrals or comments upon its very own subject or attributes, often in the form of parody: A movie around making a movie is simply so meta—specifically as soon as the actors criticize the acting.

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pertaining to or noting an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary, specifically one that consciously referrals something of its own kind.
a consciously and also playtotally self-referential story, conversation, etc.: That dialogue was an instance of meta at its finest.
an abstract, high-level evaluation or commentary: composing a meta to explain the character’s motivation.
to analyze or comment on something in a meta way: I spend more time metaing about the present than actually watching it.
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(in primitive Rome) a column or post, or a group of columns or short articles, placed at each end of a racetrack to note the turning locations.
pertaining to or occupying 2 positions (1, 3) in the benzene ring that are separated by one carbon atom.
a presolve showing up in loanwords from Greek, with the interpretations “after,” “in addition to,” “past,” “among,” “behind,” and also abundant in English on the Greek model: metacarpus; metagenesis.
a preresolve added to the name of a subject and designating another topic that analyzes the original one yet at an extra abstract, higher level: metaphilosophy; metagrammars.
a preresolve included to the name of somepoint that consciously references or comments upon its own topic or features: a meta-paint of an artist painting a canvas.

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a river in Colombia, climbing in the Andes and flowing northeast and also east, creating part of the border in between Colombia and also Venezuela, to sign up with the Orinoco River. Length: around 1000 kilometres (620 miles)
(of an academic discipline, esp philosophy) came to with the concepts and outcomes of the called disciplinemetamathematics; meta-values See additionally metatheory
(frequently in italics) denoting that an organic compound has a benzene ring through substituents in the 1,3-positionsmetadinitrobenzene; meta -cresol Abbreviation: m- Compare ortho- (def. 4), para- 1 (def. 6)
denoting an isomer, polymer, or compound related to a stated compound (regularly differing from equivalent compounds that are presolved by para-)metaldehyde
denoting an oxyacid that is a lower hydrated develop of the anhydride or a salt of such an acidmetaphosphoric acid Compare ortho- (def. 5)
Greek, from meta via, after, between, among. Compare Old English mid, mith through, Old Norse meth through, between
Of or relating to one of three feasible isomers of a benzene ring via two attached chemical teams, in which the carbon atoms with attached teams are separated by one unsubstituted carbon atom. Normally offered in italic:meta-dibromobenzene.