1- History & Object of the Game 2- The Essentials (Offense & Defense, Scoring, etc.) 3- Fouls 4- Field Diagram & Positions 5- Glossary of Field Hockey Terms


16-yard hit: Free hit for the defense 16 yards from the goal after an offensive player hits the banywhere the end line.

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Add-10: For delaying the game, such as a defender standing closer than 5 yards away in the time of a totally free hit, the free hit is progressed 10 yards up the area.

Advancing: Penalty for field player hitting the sphere via any part of the body.

Bully: Used to restart play as soon as possession is unclear as soon as play was quit (e.g. injury timeout). Two opposing players start with their sticks on the ground, the ball is placed between them, and they should tap sticks over the ball prior to they can play the ball.

Center pass: Pass from midfield supplied to start each fifty percent and adhering to all purposes. “Free hit” rules use. Also dubbed “pass-back.”

Clearing: Hitting the ball amethod from the goal on defense, commonly as a pass up the field.

Cross: Passing the round in front of the opponent’s goal to produce a scoring chance. Also referred to as “centering.”

Dangerous play: Play that could most likely cause injury, such as pushing, tripping, or increasing the ball at an opponent who is less than 5 yards ameans.

Dribble: Moving while alternating the ball from the right side of the body to the left side of the body to elude defenders.

Drive: A difficult hit made via the swinging movement of the stick.

Flagive foul: Intentionally unstable or dangerous play. Player is issued a red card and also ejected from the game.

Flick: Pass or shot utilizing the wrists to put pressure behind the ball to raise it off the ground.

Free hit: Awarded after most penalties. Defenders must stand also five yards from the ball until it is played.

Hit: Any call through the sphere utilizing a swinging activity of the stick. A hard hit is called a drive.

Long hit: Free hit for offense from the corner, adhering to an unintentional hit over the finish line by the defense. Also referred to as “long corner” or “corner hit.”

Marking: Guarding an adversary.

Misconduct: Penalty for unsportsmanprefer conduct, including dangerous play, making use of obscene language, or taunting. Results in a green card (warning), yellow card (5-minute suspension), or red card (player disqualification). When players are suspfinished or disqualified, their team have to play through fewer members.

Obstruction: Penalty for utilizing the body or stick to proccasion enemies from pursuing the ball. “Third party obstruction” is referred to as for blocking an adversary so a teammate deserve to play the ball.

Penalty corner: Offensive cost-free hit from the endline, 10 yards from the goal, normally adhering to a foul inside the striking circle. Offensive players need to be exterior the striking circle till the round is hit, and also the offense must manage the round before it deserve to shoot. The defense is permitted 5 players behind the end line; all various other defenders need to be behind the facility line. A penalty corner ends as soon as the defense takes possession of the ball, the round crosses over the 5-yard note exterior the striking circle, or the ball exits the striking circle twice. Also called “brief corner.”

Penalty stroke: Free one-on-one swarm from the penalty stroke line awarded as soon as a foul stays clear of a likely goal. The goalie must reprimary behind the goal line until the sphere is hit.

Push: Method of moving or passing the ball in which the stick is in contact through the ball and also the ground as the player pushes the sphere up the field.

Raised ball: Flicking, scooping, and also chipping the round right into the air are legal. Undercutting or hitting that leads to dangerous play are penalties.

Scoop: Method of passing or shooting the round by leveraging the stick underneath the round to pick it up and fling it via the air.

Side-in: Free hit awarded to a team after the adversary hits the sphere out of bounds over the sideline. Also called “hit-in” or “push-in.”

Striker: The player who shoots the round.

Tackle: Defensive initiative to take the round amethod from an enemy.

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Undercutting: Penalty for a hard swing of the stick under the sphere to raise it into the air.