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LANGUAGE CONTINUUM A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW" James C Woodward, Jr. One of the most hotly questioned worries in deaf education has been the oral-hand-operated controversy. Members of both sides, however well meaning and fervent to their reason, have actually really been concentrating their efforts on a peripheral issue-interaction channels. The even more central concern in language education and learning, the codes to be taught, has virtually been swept under the rug. Perhaps one of the factors for this ignoring of language codes is the term "authorize language." Sign language has actually been offered to intend something that is signed quite than spoken. Many kind of human being think that in America sign language is always a method of interacting English. If the signing approximates English grammar carefully that is great sign language. If the signing does not strategy English grammar, the signing is mainly described as "deaf signing," "authorize idioms," "negative English," "ungrammatical English," or "ungrammatical language." Tbelow have been various other world, however, e.g., Stokoe and Fant, who comment on Ameslan or Amerihave the right to Sign Language (ASL) rather of mentioning "poor English," "deaf signing," and so on. As Stokoe discussed in "Sign Language Diglossia," there are at least 2 ranges of signed languperiods in America-Manual English and ASL-each via its own grammatical framework. In one more recent paper, "Implications for Sociolinguistic Research Among the Deaf," I defined the language instance as a continuum of language arrays between ASL and also Manual English, with particular human being being able to use more language varieties along the continuum than others. First publiburned in The Buff and also Blue 81.1, 3 (Gallaudet College. April 13, 1972). Sign Language Studies The principle of a language continuum within a neighborhood may sound prefer a nonsensical idea to anyone that has actually grown up in the Amerideserve to "melting pot" society. But, as many sociolinguists have actually discussed, language continuums do exist in many kind of communities-in Jamaica between Jamaideserve to Creole and Standard English, in Haiti between Haitian Creole and Standard French, and so on Some sociolinguists have argued that tright here is a continuum in spoken English in America in between what is thought of as Standard English and also what is assumed of as "poor," "ungrammatical," or "uneducated" English. Linguists have actually presented that these "non-standard" dialects have actually grammar rules. In the very same method, ASL and every one of the other varieties of signed languperiods have actually grammar rules, although tbelow has not been a codification of these rules by grammarians. It need to be remembered, yet, that tbelow has actually been a grammatical legacy of numerous centuries in IndoEuropean grammatical devices, virtually none in Amerideserve to Sign Language. But, of course, there are human being who refuse to accept the grammaticality of ASL-codification or no codification. Typically these human being fall right into two camps-one states that ASL has no grammatical structure; the various other claims that ASL is negative English. The first camp deserve to be answered rather conveniently. ASL has a method to differentiate sentences like "I witnessed him" and also "He witnessed me." Because ASL, like any various other language has actually a method to distinguish these and various other constructions, it absolutely has rules that one need to follow, although these rules may not be the same as English. It must additionally be stated that if tright here is a opportunity of making mistakes, these mistakes have to violate grammar rules. People have the right to and also execute make mistakes in ASL. The various other camp can likewise be answered, although the answer is a small more involved. Proponents of this camp insurance claim that tright here is a authorize or indicators for eincredibly English word and that ASL interpreted sign by authorize provides an ungrammatical English translation. Hence the combicountry of the ASL signs for "man" and "good" equals the English sentence "The guy is good," but the ASL sentence is bad English. This very same debate can be applied to Chinese (and eexceptionally various other language). Chinese (and eexceptionally various other language) has actually a word or words for Woodward English words, although there is rarely simply a one-to-one correspondence. For example, ASL has one authorize for English "please" and also "gain." English has one word know for Chinese frdau "understand a subject" and also renshr "know a perboy." If Chinese is translated word for word into English, ungrammatical English outcomes.

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