What does we want all the smoke mean?

We desire all the smoke is a hip-hop expression supplied by a member of a team to signal they are ready to battle.

It originally referred to gun battles yet is now offered of friendlier difficulties.

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The expression we desire all the smoke first appears in the June 2017 song “All the Smoke” by hip-hop artist 21 Savage. The smoke in the phrase describes gun smoke. 21 Savage offers the phrase to describe shooting world through an AK-47 rifle:

Watch me whip a O, watch me whip a O (21, 21)We desire all the smoke, we want all the smoke (21, 21)D-R-A-C-O, D-R-A-C-O (Draco, Draco)Shoot ’em in the confront, shoot ’em in the nose (21, 21)

In October 2017, rappers Future and also Young Thug would certainly release their song “All Da Smoke,” which aget references gun violence. After the release of these songs, skilled athletes began using we desire all the smoke to instigate taunts and difficulties to their enemies.

We desire all the smoke! pic.twitter.com/t0Hz5blbR2

— Kavon Frazier (
Kay_BlackSimba) November 12, 2017

We want all the smoke …

— Nick Young (
NickSwagyPYoung) October 21, 2017

9-4 we want all the smoke….. pic.twitter.com/6NAjFAwLPK

— 7⃣ Leonard Fournette (
_fournette) December 11, 2017

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Examples of we want all the smoke

Nigeria playing Argentina following. Winner advances. We want all the smoke!!!