15 Things Women Are Willing To Do For Money Money makes the world go round, whether we like it or not, and a lot of us would prefer to have more of it without having to sacrifice too much. Of course, it would be great if we could get super rich

Money makes the world go round, whether we like it or not, and a lot of us would prefer to have more of it without having to sacrifice too much. Of course, it would be great if we could get super rich without having to put in a ton of time and effort... but that"s probably not a realistic way to think. Okay, it"s definitely not a realistic way to think. When we just can"t make ends meet from our day jobs, many of us look to other places as a way to increase the cash flow that"s coming in. But some women don"t really want to work at all, so they look for ways to get their hands on the most money with the smallest amount of work involved. Sometimes making more money is pretty much out of the question, but saving money is your actual main job. Here are 15 things that a lot of women are willing to do for money.

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Growing up, our parents are obviously our main support system, in all sorts of ways. That also means they provide us with the money that we need to get by. For some of us, that full-time support lasts a lot longer than for others. But in general, mom and dad tend to be better off financially than we are as we head out into the world, so when things get tight asking them for money is sometimes the best idea that we have. It just seems so easy to do that, right? Heading to dad and asking for some cash might not be the most appealing concept since we want to be successful and be thought of as capable adults, but at the same time, we also know that they like to support us in some way and it"s not like they want us to suffer completely. They might ask us to pay them back, but they"re usually willing to help out when times get tough.

There really isn"t much point to posting tutorials on YouTube besides making money... and perhaps getting a bit of online fame in the process, too. But when you"re seeking out fame online, you"re definitely looking for some cash, too. Besides the fact that you definitely want that kind of attention, but that"s besides the point. For a lot of women, doing makeup and hair tutorials has been the best way to go, because you can demonstrate that knowledge really effectively in a video, even when there isn"t any speaking involved. The crazy thing is how much money people can actually make by posting things on YouTube. One famous makeup girl on YouTube is Michelle Phan, who makes about $378,000 a year doing it. However, after YouTube takes their cut and taxes are taken into account, that comes out to somewhere around $145,530. Still, that"s really good money for putting on makeup at home and letting people watch.

Perhaps we aren"t hanging out with gross men for their money... but someone definitely is. A lot of someones, in fact. In this strange world that we live in, there are a lot of men who have too little game and too much money. And there are a lot of beautiful women who would rather trade their time for that money than work hard towards something that perhaps would give them even less money. So, some girls like to hang out with guys simply for their money. Now, "gross" means different things to different people, but often the point here is that the guys are less attractive, older, and have less appealing personalities than the type of guys that girls would hang out with if there wasn"t any money involved. A classic way we see this play out is the young cute girls hanging out on boats that they certainly don"t own.

When we"re trying to cut corners to save money, sometimes that means skipping dinner sometimes and not buying food so you can pay for more important things like wine. It"s all about balance, right? Food is a very odd expense in the sense that we need it, but it can also be super expensive. And the fact that it"s so much more expensive to eat healthy than to eat junk. Sigh. Here"s the truth: I ate some paleo chicken strips the other day which were so healthy and delicious my mouth is watering. But they were $9. You can get like three orders of chicken nuggets from a fast food spot for about a dollar. Not that I would, but just knowing that really gets you thinking. So we take care of ourselves as well as possible, but every once in awhile that means downing the chip basket along with our margaritas as opposed to opting for the fajitas.

Ah, how we love to live on our own luxuriating in our total and complete freedom. But that doesn"t always work out so nicely. Living with a roommate or two can vastly cut down on living expenses and sometimes the bargain is just too good to pass up. This can be quite the commitment, however, since roommates are almost always guaranteed to be more annoying than living alone. They make noise, make messes, eat your food, have weird friends over, and lock themselves out all the time requiring your services to let them in. But then again your rent is about half of what it would be in a different circumstance. Gotta weigh out the benefits and sometimes it means biting the bullet and making the choice that saves the most cash, as annoying as it may be. Lots of people have done this more than once and it doesn"t always have to be such a bad thing (as long as it doesn"t last forever).

10 Flirt For Free Drinks

So maybe you do not actually date men for their money (hopefully you don"t!) but you are totally down with flirting with them for free drinks. Same concept, but generally a lot less involved and more safe. But still, it can be quite a chore. Men at bars are generally willing to buy girls drinks because they think it will give them a better chance of scoring a phone number or a date for the rest of the evening. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it is not at all, but girls are willing to pretend that they are considering the option to get those free drinks anyway. The only downside to this is that generally when guys buy you a drink they actually expect to get some of you attention, and if you"re not interested that usually doesn"t go well. However, when you are interested, well, that"s definitely a double score.

Sometimes generally outspoken people are willing to keep their mouth shut about things to get their money. This can play out in a variety of ways. It might be not tattling on a shady boss to keep a job, not calling out an evil mother-in-law to keep a relationship going, or any other scenario where things could possibly go one of two ways. The point is that sometimes women are willing to hold their tongue to avoid stirring the pot if the rewards outweigh speaking out... even when what they really want to do is speak out. Sometimes this only works out for a short period of time, however, because some of us start to feel a little crazed when we aren"t able to say what we feel. And at that point, saying what we think is usually going to outweigh the effects of keeping the peace with an ulterior motive in mind.

8 Donate Their Eggs

A poll found that 25 percent of people would be willing to donate their eggs or sperm without their partner"s knowledge if it meant that they could get $100 million for it. Not that $100 million is the going rate for eggs or anything, they actually pull more like $5,000 to $10,000. The concept of this, of course, is a little strange, because it means that someone out there will end up with a child made from your body, and you"ll never even know about it. However, some people aren"t bothered by that concept and are willing to give up a couple for the cash. The odd thing is that women don"t have an unlimited amount of eggs to give away like men do of sperm, so it isn"t a small choice to be making. It"s totally clear how many people actually end up doing stuff like this, but the demand for eggs is always high.

On the other hand, some women are willing to actually get pregnant to lock down some finances in the form of child support. Sounds a bit crazy when you lay it out like that, but in fact, it definitely happens all the time. Some people try to save their current relationships by trapping someone with a baby... while other more ruthless women literally seek out men with a lot of money in an attempt to get pregnant and a piece of the cash pie. Let"s just hope these children grow up with plenty of love to erase the fact the fact that their mom was basically trying to hustle their dad at the time. Babies are cute, so people often forget the drama involved in things like the actual childbirth. Perhaps the way they were conceived is often forgotten as well. This isn"t really as crazy as it may sound.

6 Dance

Some ladies are down for becoming the main attraction at certain clubs. Okay, okay, yes, some guys are definitely into that, too. It certainly isn"t for everyone, but there are a lot of successful women out there who used this type of job to make some quick cash and don"t feel bad about it all. Some famous examples of past performers include writer Diablo Cody, reality star and actress NeNe Leakes, mega celeb Catherine Zeta-Jones (who did it to pay for a nose job), Amber Rose, Dita Von Teese, and Courtney Love. Courtney Love actually credits her time spent doing this in Los Angeles for giving her the money to start her band Hole, which ultimately worked out great and made her star and led her to her love Kurt Cobain. It sounds like quite a journey but a lot of these people are still confident in why they chose to do it at the time.

Everyone can tell that you are a total sell-out when you are doing Instagram promotions for diet teas and teeth whiteners, but that does not mean that a lot of women do not do it anyway. For the money, honey! Clearly, a lot of people are perfectly comfortable doing this because we see the same products being promoted all over the place. It is probably going to get even crazier now that Instagram has rolled out their Snapchat copycat model of posting stories. Now people can not only post photos of products but also document the process of using them without clogging up their Insta feed or taking away from the look of their page. As silly as it seems, if you really had the option would you? Unless you have some moral reason why not, odds are pretty good. It works for the Kardashians, right? Then it"s good enough for us.

4 Sell Gifts From Exes

What good is that diamond necklace from your ex-boyfriend doing sitting around in your jewelry drawer if you aren"t wearing it, right? And if it came from an ex who you cared about at all, you probably aren"t wearing much of it. The same probably goes for if you didn"t even love him that much in the first place or it was a really rough break-up. This is where things like eBay come in real handy. In addition to making some cash from the sale, it"s also sort of a fun cleansing ritual to get rid of things that your exes gave to you. If you ever glance at something and it reminds you of something who you don"t want to be thinking about, then that"s a pretty good sign that you should get it out of your space. Stop torturing yourself and make some money instead. However, you use the money to pay your rent or something as opposed to a fun purchase otherwise, you might associate him with that as well.

Some women are totally comfortable doing amateur videos (that would be webcam stuff) or even selling their used underwear online. Yes, that"s a real thing. It"s not my thing, but no judgment if it"s yours. Apparently, there"s a decent market out there for such a thing, and some people actually make some decent money selling off their used underwear (watch an episode of Younger and see). The thing is that by used they have to be like really used, and some men request that they are dirtied up to the point of like, being pooped on. Why? Who really knows. I did some research on the topic and the people who do this generally set up a website with a webcam situation so that they can prove to their customers that they actually wearing the underwear and doing whatever they are asked to be doing in them. Bizarre, and yet it"s totally happening. Apparently, sometimes this works with socks and nail clippings as well.

2 Sell Cute Outfits Online

Sometimes the cash flow gets too low and it"s necessary to start selling off items that we don"t need. Yes, we may love our clothes and get super attached to them, but we don"t really need all the stuff that"s in our closets and dressers. Apps like Poshmark have made it incredibly easy to list things for sale and then send them off to the lucky buyer. Not that it"s ever fun to sell something that you"d prefer to hold onto, but we need the cash for a new outfit or something it"s a lot easier to justify it. You can sell the dress you wore to that Christmas party last year, and use the money to buy your birthday outfit. It"s like making a trade with the universal closet. Plus, let"s be honest, if you post a few photos in an outfit you"re not super likely to wear it again anytime soon, so it sort of makes sense from that perspective.

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In addition to doing all kinds of strange and sometimes shady things to make money, a lot of us girls are down to straight up work our butts off... even when it means skipping social functions or other enjoyable things in our lives. At the end of the day, having a steady job is one of the more consistent ways to make money, even if it is stressful and requires that you, you know, actually work. Some people are so dedicated to growing their own funds and savings without the help of anyone else that working actually sounds sort of fun in an independent sort of way. When your finances are coming from an outside source that isn"t dependant on your work, they can also be taken away pretty quickly. But it"s usually a good idea to hustle because hard work really does always pay off and that can be the best way to make a good living.