This is my initially time using this website and also I'm not really certain just how to use it yet so I apologize if this has been asked before however what specifically taken place to Caleb while in Ravenswood? I don't remember if it was ever described in a PLL episode and also I never got approximately to watching the actual show previous 2 episodes because, well... it wasn't incredibly good. Did anyone here actually watch the show till it's death, and can you define what occurred to Caleb during it? I'm curious, simply not curious enough to watch the present myself.

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Caleb, in Ravenshardwood, explored the tvery own that organized the keys of his troubled family members background. While tbelow Caleb befriended four other teens, every one of whom were victims of a "pact" that their ancestors made through the evil one so that Ravenslumber would never before experience a loss of soldiers in the time of a battle. The pact sacrificed 5 teens from Ravenstimber whenever a soldier came earlier to Ravenswood unharmed, and also Caleb and also his friends were following on the list to be offed.

An exciting element of Ravenshardwood was that one of the 5 teens associated in the pact, and also Caleb's potential "heart mate", actually died in the initially episode of the series. Miranda Collins drowned once the car transferring her and her 4 ill-fated friends drove off a bridge. Miranda was the girl that Hanna told Caleb to "keep safe" when he chose to continue to be in Ravenshardwood.

Miranda appeared as a gorganize throughout the course of the series and also had the ability to communicate with her cursed friends. In the Ravenstimber finale, the Pact Maker (aka "the negative guy") wanted to lug Miranda back so that all five teens could die together, fulfilling the promise that their ancestors made years prior. Miranda's uncle quit the Pact Maker from completely the job, yet did say that Miranda can come back to life.

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Ravenswood was canceled before Miranda was lugged earlier from the dead. He attempted to carry Miranda earlier to life, yet was stopped by Mr. Collins. Miranda’s uncle succeeded in driving the evil entity out by smashing a clear tube labeled “Caleb.” Ravenstimber concluded through Max killing Dillon, and also ghold Miranda obtaining her happily-ever-after with ghold Caleb of the previous.