The Matrix’s Meme Estimates Are A Lie The fact behind the misquoted line from The Matrix, which starts via "What if I told you...", and also has actually gone on to come to be a well known meme.

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Morpheus in The Matrix
How is it possible that a line from The Matrix never actually existed? The line begins "What if I told you," and it"s believed to have been spoken by Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne). It has also end up being component of the zeitgeist, repurposed into a well-known joke meme. In reality, though, that line was never actually sassist in the film. So exactly how did fans finish up believing it was?

Fans believe "What if I told you" was shelp by Morpheus when he was explaining the Matrix to Neo (Keanu Reeves). The line would have actually helped kick off Morpheus" monologue about exactly how whatever in the Matrix is a construct intended to distract Neo from the brutal truth he is ssuggest a servant to devices actually running the civilization in a remote, post-apocalyptic future. The monologue comes before a moment that really does occur in the film: Morpheus providing Neo the choice in between the blue pill, which would make him forget their conversation and let him carry on through his life, and the red pill, which would permanently open his eyes and also cost-free him from the Matrix. What"s interesting is that Morpheus" "What if I told you" line was never actually spoken and also rather has actually end up being an infamously misquoted line from the film.

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Per KnowYourMeme, opportunities are good the "What if I told you" line was just a reworded take on Morpheus" actual dialogue in the scene: "Do you want to know what "it" is?". This provides feeling considering a meme thrives on brevity and clarity as it reforms pop society into a digestible, humorous item of content. In addition, the concept of putting "What if I told you" at the peak of a meme as a way of jokily revealing a truth around the human being similar to the method Morpheus does with Neo has a nicer, clearer ring to it than the line "Do you want to know what "it" is?".

As fans have actually gone on to rewatch The Matrix over the years, they"ve noticed the "What if I told you" quote is actually not pointed out in the movie. Various discussions have permitted people to confer over the line"s presence through many swearing it was contained in the theatrical run of the film however has since disappeared from versions of the film reduced for broadactors purposes or DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

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But the fact is, this isn"t the initially time that famed quotes have actually been changed in fans" minds over time and also ultimately provided in public mistakenly. It"s fairly common for human being to obtain well known movie quotes wrong. One of the best instances of this is Darth Vader being misquoted once he told Luke that he"s his father. As we currently check out, the truth about the "What if I told you" line is neither superorganic nor is it a glitch in the Matrix. In truth, it"s a straightforward situation of lines blurring together right into an infamously misquoted line which has uncovered a second life in the civilization of memes.